Aging Gracefully (Part Two)l

Aging Gracefully (Part Two) – Skin Treatments

So we’ve established in the last blog that aging gracefully did not mean stand by and let nature take it’s course. You learned that you are now going to do your best to wear your sunblock and pick up a few key products that will actually do something to help your skin. Keeping in mind that these treatments are falling into the category of “What is the least amount I can do and still say to my friends that I haven’t had any work done?”

(We’ve got much bigger guns for those of you searching for bigger results.) INFINI Microneedling, Fraxel Laser, Thermage CPT, Venus Viva.

Now we need to look at exfoliation and why we need it.

Exfoliation is the lifting of dead skin cells that cling to the skins’ surface. Removing them leaves your skin, smoother, softer and refreshed and allows better penetration of the active products we’ve discussed. Our cell turnover slows down as we age so that little extra push is the key to keeping that skin glowing.

Chemical Peels

You’ve heard of Chemical Peels -–there are so many it’s mind-boggling and they can be either gentle or aggressive, depending on how strong the peel is. The acids used in these peels loosen the glue-like substance that holds the dead skin cells together, allowing them to slough away.

Most people start with a glycolic peel for anti-aging or skin discolorations or a salicylic if you have acne prone skin. Again the strengths vary so always start with a lower strength until you’re sure your skin can handle it and then work your way up.

In physician offices, a glycolic acid peel may be administered in concentrations from 20% to 80%. The stronger the concentration of the peel, the deeper the peel will dissolve tissue. (Over-the-counter cosmetic AHA products contain only 3 to 10 percent glycolic acid, so no one is really sure how effective those puppies are.)

For a few days after treatment, your skin may look slightly reddened, and it may peel a bit. It may also be dry–a side effect that can be relieved with a moisturizer. You’ll need to remember your sunblock as your skin will be more vulnerable than usual to sunburn.

Here at Anti-Aging, we have a wide range of peels that aree combined with Medical Grade Facials and match the strength with the needs of the client. In Part three, we’ll look into Microdermabrasion.

by M. Wally

Age is state of mind. Aging is a treatable condition.

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