Benefits of Skin Treatment Before and After Photos

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

One of the things that clients dislike most is taking their photos before a cosmetic treatment. They are there because they want to change something about themselves that they are not happy with and then we go ahead and put it under bright lights and take a picture of it!

They often look at me suspiciously and ask, “What are you going to do with these?!” I assure them that skin treatment before and after photos are safely stored and to take them is in their best interest, as well as in ours.

Patient Privacy

First of all, if you are in a doctor’s skin treatment clinic, chances are that every staff member has signed a legal and binding confidentiality agreement to make sure that your privacy is protected so trust me, they aren’t about to start posting those highly attractive pics on your Facebook page.

In our clinic, we have a policy that if we pass one of our clients on the street, we totally ignore them unless they take the initiative to say hello or converse. This is especially important if they are with someone else as saying hello, may spark a conversation like “Where do you know that person from?”… forcing the client to stutter and possibly have to lie if they are not open about having cosmetic enhancements.

Some patients are afraid their photos will end up in a magazine or on the cosmetic treatment doctor‘s website without their permission. Not to worry, that is illegal.

You need to sign a photo consent form for any doctor or clinic to use them. Many clinics have a question on the welcome form that asks if you are willing to give permission, so do read those forms carefully if this is something you are not interested in doing.

Why You Should Take Photos Before and After Cosmetic Treatments

What if there was a side effect of your treatment and you return to discuss it with the doctor. Let’s say after having lip enhancement, you notice that there is lump on your bottom lip that wasn’t there before. If photos weren’t taken then it’s your word against the clinic’s.

If the photos were taken and in good detail, it should be easy to see that the lump is new and it’s up to the doctor to deal with it. Remember you are not dealing with used car salesman here, a doctor wants to give you the best care and make sure you are happy but also, if there is an issue that they did not cause, it’s only fair they don’t get blamed.

Before and After Photos Are Irrefutable

Cosmetic injectables are not like surgery, the results are subtle and can be gotten used to quickly. It is very common for someone to return and say “I think my filler is gone and my Botox didn’t work.” The second we pull out the before photo, they are shocked and realize that the difference is huge, they had just already adjusted to their new look and were no longer able to see it. The photos are invaluable and protect both you and the clinic.

I love it when a patient has been coming to us for over 5 years and when we go back to look at their photos from their first visit, they often look younger now than they did back then.

So next time you go in for a cosmetic or laser treatment, say “Photos? You bet, bring ’em on!”

by M. Wally

Age is  state of mind. Aging is a treatable condition.

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