Best Skin Care Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Best Skin Care Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Why is it that so many men look better as they age? It’s as though their skin wrinkles much slower than ours and yet most do so little to take care of it!

That is because men’s skin is up to 22% thicker than that of a woman’s and it actually has a higher collagen content so their wrinkles appear much later than ours do.

Rather unfair right?

However, the sebum secretion (an oily substance produced by sebaceous glands) in their skin is also higher and their natural exfoliation is slower. This means that they tend to get dull, oily skin.

Women have the advantage of more estrogen, which controls the secretion of oil. By about age 50 we’re all pretty much equal in that department but men’s skin loses thickness at only about 1% per year whereas women experience a greater collagen loss and noticeable changes in colour and texture following menopause. With daily shaving, products that contain glycolic acid or other fruit acids can help slough off dead skin cells which will help decrease ingrown hairs.

Men are also outdoors an average of 10 hours more per week than women and men over 50 are twice as likely to develop skin cancer which is also due to them not being as diligent with applying sunblock every day.

What do they need?

A gift certificate for microdermabrasion would be another excellent idea to help with exfoliation.

Come on in and tell us about his specific skin needs and we’ll put together a perfect package for you to surprise him with.

By M. Wally

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