5 Popular Asian Cosmetic Procedures Without Surgery

Even cosmetic treatments and procedures are subject to fashion trends. It is often the actors and pop stars that lead the way with new rejuvenation treatments and beauty ideas that everyone else tries to follow. The USA and Brazil still rack up the largest number of cosmetic surgeries performed in a year and third on the list is South Korea where approximately 20% of women between the ages of 20 and 49 claim to have had at least one cosmetic procedure in their life.

Not everyone feels comfortable with the idea of surgery but there are ways to make some of these desired enhancements without going under the knife. Injectables and Neuromodulators have the ability to produce similar results that are long-lasting but temporary – which has its advantages. The opportunity to “test drive” an augmentation for 6 months to a year before making a permanent change is invaluable and you always have the option to maintain the result if you like them. What if the fashion changes? It always does and it’s one thing to put away clothes that are out of style but what do you do with the permanent changes you have made to your face?

Most popular Asian procedures

The desire of most of our Asian clients is to add more definition and dimension to their face and narrow the jawline to create a V-shape . And yes, this can all be done with injectables

5 Popular Asian Cosmetic Procedures Without Surgery


  • Asian Blepharoplasty – creating a “double eyelid.” About 50% of Asians are born with a single eyelid. The double eyelid surgery creates a crease in the eyelid and makes the eyes appear larger.

  • Rhinoplasty – Building a stronger nose bridge and a long, narrow nose.

  • V-Line – Jaw width reduction producing a V-shaped face.

  • Cheek and Chin Implants – Further enhancing the V-shape and adding volume to the front of the cheek making it more 3-dimensional.

  • Aegyo-Sal– under eye roll (Means “charming fat) Enlarging the under eye muscle to give the eye a larger, more childlike appearance

Currently, for young Asian women, a popular request is to try and achieve a small face, large eyes with double lids, a small or high nose, and a narrow chin. Young men are seeking a more feminine look than in the past.

How are these results achieved with injectables?


  1. Double Eyelid

Although a double eyelid can’t be created without surgery, larger eyes and a lifted eyelid are easily done with neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin or Dysport. By targeting certain muscles that hold the shape of the eye in place, an experienced doctor, with very little product, can raise the brows and open up the eyes slightly. Placing some filler beneath the eyebrow line also helps raise the skin on the lid and gives the brow more prominence and dimension.


(Circle contact lenses, which cover a larger area of the eyeball beyond the iris, are a very big trend 5 Popular Asian Cosmetic Procedures Without Surgery Giving the wearer a doe-eyed, innocent appearance, although the safety of wearing them has not been established.)


  1. Augmented nose bridge

Dermal fillers add precision volume where needed on the face and the thicker fillers in the Restylane and Juvederm lines provide the necessary base for a natural looking, narrow ridge nose bridge. For some, this strengthens the profile and adding a small amount of filler to the tip of the nose will lengthen the appearance of the nose and make the nostrils less visible.

Rhinoplasty with Dermal Filler – Dr Gidon Frame (Results vary by individual patient and results cannot be guaranteed)


  1. Narrowing the jaw “V-Line”

Neuromodulators have an amazing ability to relax the muscles on either side of the jaw which automatically thins out the face. The strength of those muscles varies per patient and will dictate how much neuromodulator is needed. What if a strong, wide jaw is what everyone wants a few years from now? No problem, you just stop doing your treatments and your jaw will go back to the way it was.


  1. Chin Augmentation – The V-line

Some Asian faces have chins that recede, and their desire is for a longer, more prominent chin that comes to a point. Adding dermal filler to the tip of the chin will lengthen its appearance (similar to what it does for the nose).  A small amount of neuromodulator can also relax the chin, pulling it slightly downward to seem longer. Adding volume with filler to the cheekbones will also help angle the face into a V shape. This is one of the most popular enhancements for all of our clients regardless of their genetic makeup.

Chin Augmentation with Dermal Filler – Dr Gidon Frame (Results vary by individual patient and results cannot be guaranteed)


  1. “Aegyo-Sal”

Under eye roll – Yes, even this roll can be done non-surgically. The filler is added to the outer, middle and inner corners under the eye and then moulded into one roll.

Even though you think you might be 100% sure of the surgery you want to have, at least consider testing the changes with injectables. It may not save you money in the long run but it might save you making permanent changes you could regret later.

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