Is Permanent Hair Removal Really Permanent?

This is one of the biggest questions we get about permanent laser hair removal. Whether you are having hair removal with an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or one of the many popular lasers on the market, it is important to know that you will probably never lose every hair. If you have any hormone changes, which I can tell you is pretty likely, then chances are that that hairless chin or bikini you worked so hard to get, may all of a sudden start growing some new fur.

The hair that has been eliminated in the past may not return but that doesn’t mean that a new crop won’t emerge. Women with polycystic ovaries can get unexpected hair growth particularly on their chin and face. Of course there is menopause….need I go on?

It’s frustrating I know, but just like you have to continue to take your car in for maintenance, a second or even a third round of hair removal treatments may be necessary throughout your lifetime.


How many treatments do you need?

Now just a reminder that if you still see hair after only 3 treatments, you aren’t finished! If done consistently, every 6-8 weeks, it should take you 6-10 treatments to get about an 80% reduction in hair so patience and not missing your appointments are keys to successful hair removal.

A hair follicle can only be eliminated when it is treated while in it’s growth stage so if it’s in its resting or shedding stages, it may have disappeared from your skin but be assured, it will return.

Those of us who have put up with excessive unwanted hair know that getting a significant reduction with laser hair removal is really a miracle in itself. Science can make the laser effective in killing the hair but no one can control what changes your body will go through. So yes, most of the hair you will lose with laser hair removal is permanent but no one can predict what your body will do in the years following your treatments. But really, isn’t getting rid of most of that hair for any period of time worth it?

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