The Importance of a Consultation: How do I know which cosmetic injectable is right for me?

With so many options for fillers and promised results, how does anyone know which cosmetic injectable to use?

First of all, listen to your cosmetic physician or his/her trained consultant. This is what they do all day, every day.

A good consultant will listen to all your concerns and take you through all of the options that he/she feels are best for your age and needs. After you have heard everything, they should then give you their educated opinion of what they feel is best for you.

You shouldn’t feel pressured to have your treatment done on the same day as your consultation, if you don’t feel you are ready.

When discussing non-permanent options for reducing wrinkles and replacing lost volume, there is a vast array of fillers and neuromodulators to choose from.

The fillers are all different thicknesses and therefore best when used in areas where they are most suitable. A thicker filler would be best in areas requiring more ‘fluffing up” or volumizing like cheeks and strong marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the jaw), however forehead lines and lips might be better filled with something thinner.

You aren’t expected to remember all of this for your consultation, that’s their job, to make sure it’s all clear and makes sense to you.

There are also products that not only give an instant result but also stimulate your own collagen to grow to help achieve more long lasting effects.

They can be used in areas similar to where you would put thicker filler. The difference is that you will get an instant result with a water based gel that dissolves, as your own collagen is being stimulated to grow. Over time, your own collagen takes the place of the gel and your body simply absorbs the collagen stimulating calcium microspheres that did all the work.

Some fillers are not a quick fix but the results can last up to 2 years or longer. It is made up of Poly-L-Lactic acid which is injected deep into the skin and also stimulates your collagen to grow. The instant result you may see will dissipate over a few days and then you wait until your 2nd treatment. It requires 4 sessions about 3 weeks apart and you should see your full correction in 5-6 months.

This is all way too much to think about, right? And we have only scratched the surface. That’s why you go for a consultation. Unless you have the time and interest to research literally everything on the market, it comes back again to listening to the medical professional that you trust.

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