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How it works

Our steps to perfection

Step 01

Book a consultation

Book your private in-person cosmetic consultation or virtual skincare consultation. If you book an in-person consultation, we require a $125 deposit for your initial appointment (which can be used towards your treatment).

Step 02

Arrive at your consultation

If you booked an in-person consultation, arrive at the clinic at your scheduled time, fill the necessary forms on our iPads, and have your pictures taken. Treatment plans, consent forms and before/after pictures will be available to you through our iOS/Android app. If you booked a virtual skincare consultation, join the zoom link at the scheduled time to start your virtual consult.

Step 03

During the consultation

During your consultation, your skin, medical history, current medications, previous treatments, desired outcomes and budget will be discussed. This will help your consultant construct a personalized treatment plan to achieve your desired results. Once a treatment plan is decided, the doctor will be notified and will evaluate whether you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Book a virtual consultation

Booking a virtual consult has never been easier. Follow the link to select a date and time, and join the Zoom link at your scheduled time.

Book virtual consultation

Book an in-person consultation

Call us to book your in-person, in-depth private consultation with one of our highly experienced consultants. If you are a new patient, there will be a $125 deposit required to reserve your time slot.

Note: we charge for DOCTOR consultations for cosmetics. We take a $125 deposit for new patients to book doctor time. If you proceed with a treatment then the $125 is used towards the treatment. If you don't see the doctor then $125 can be used for anything else in the clinic - and if deemed inappropriate for the proposed treatment, only then the money can be refunded.

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