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As technicians in the cosmetic anti-aging industry, it’s easy to forget that  not everyone has experienced the benefits of Botox. Almost everyday we have clients that for one reason or another, have been hesitant to try the purified protein that miraculously reduces lines and wrinkles within a few days and lasts about 3 months. For us, our regular Botox injection is “a given.” It’s the one thing we don’t have to consider. It’s so effective in erasing those frown lines, crows feet and forehead wrinkles that we rarely miss our 3 month redo.

Recently, one of my favorite clients who was a strong advocate of ‘aging naturally,’ finally took the Botox leap after swearing she would never try it. This changed however, when the crease between her eye brows started making her look perpetually angry and the washboard on her forehead was all she could see when she looked in the mirror.


She came in to see me a week later when the results has kicked in and she was euphoric! I kid you not! Right away she took about 10 years off of her face. I didn’t know she had had it done and I didn’t even spot why she looked so good as it was so natural on her. She still had a bit of movement when she lifted her brows and she looked completely relaxed, rested and yes….much younger!

We laughed about the fact that she will need to start her own cosmetic fund to keep it up and now she is even booked in to have Dr. Frame inject some filler into her cheeks area where she has lost volume through the years.

For her, it was entirely worth the money. Her whole self image changed. She was putting money into her condo, her car and now she has decided that she deserves to feel and look great too by investing in her face. She can’t believe that she waited this long to do something so effective, painless and safe.

I resisted saying “I told you so.”

by M. Wally

Age is a state of mind. Aging is a treatable condition.

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