Celebrities Who Use Botox. Few Will Admit It

While searching online to see which celebrities are actually honest about delving into the world of Botox and other cosmetic injections, I was surprised by the amount of half-admissions. The list of celebrities who use Botox is much smaller than I thought it would be.  In other words, celebs will admit to trying it once or to only getting a  tiny amount, (that really won’t do anything) once a year…a bit like confessing to only smoking pot in college.

Perhaps they are aware that their every-three-month-habit is obvious,(c’mon who looks that good at 55?!) so they think if they admit to a small amount, that will cover them for not lying but still not giving away their true dependence on this popular wrinkle reducer.

Those of us in the cosmetic field are truly grateful for any amount they admit to as it helps make people realize that using Botox is a common and popular treatment for turning back the clock. Millions of people soften forehead lines, crow’s-feet and frowns with Botox cosmetic treatments which doesn’t include the other millions benefiting from migraine relief and a reduction in excessive sweating from Botox Therapeutic.

The general consensus is that everyone in Hollywood does it. Of course they do! They are in an industry where their livelihood depends on them appearing as youthful and beautiful as possible.  So why do so few admit to doing it? Like most of us wanting to show up to that 30 year grad reunion having peers think we just aged like this, celebrities want you to think this is what they look like naturally… and they get hassled for everything! Can you imagine having photographers waiting outside your gym for that shot of you in your sweat pants with your hair stuck to your head to put on every gossip magazine in the country?

No wonder they keep tight-lipped and often attribute their youthful appearance to treatments like facials and great skincare. We’ll let them off the hook but don’t be fooled, if there was a skin cream that took away your forehead lines or plumped your cheeks back to where they were 20 years ago, don’t you think we’d all be using it?

Botox, fillers like Juvederm And Restylane, collagen stimulators like Sculptra and Selphyl, lasers like Fraxel..they are trying it all!

So hats off to the few who lay it all out on the table and also to those who at least say “yes, but I didn’t inhale.”

Celebrities Who Admit Using Botox

 Jennifer Aniston

“People think that I do a lot of injections, but I don’t,” Jennifer Aniston told InStyle last year. “I’m not saying that I haven’t tried it … but I see how it’s a slippery slope.”

Courtney Cox

“Sometimes I use Botox,” the “Cougar Town” actress told Marie Claire in 2010. “Compared to most, I use it very sparingly.” Cox continued: “One time, I did too much though. I feel weird if I can’t move my face, and that one time I overdid it, I felt trapped in my own skin. I don’t have a problem with any of that stuff; if it makes you feel better about yourself, and it’s done properly, then fine.”

Simon Cowell

“I’ve had Botox, but not in an obsessive way,” the “X Factor” mentor told the Daily Mail in 2007. “Then again, every guy I know who works in the city has had it now.” Cowell echoed similar sentiments a few years later, telling Glamour UK, “To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste.”

Jenny McCarthy

“I go every two months,” she told People in 2008. “My tricks are, I get Botox in my forehead — I just have my doctor do a little … if you overdo, it looks bad.” In 2013, “The View” co-host revealed her stance hadn’t changed, telling In Touch: “I am Team Botox.”

David Hasselhoff

“I have had Botox, everyone has,” David Hasselhoff bluntly admitted to People in 2006. “It’s a shot. It takes out the frown. I haven’t had that in a year. I take pride in that. I look great.”

Jenny Garth

In a 2008 People profile, Jennie Garth admitted to using Botox “in the slightest amount,” adding, “I don’t want my face to change.”

Nicole Kidman

Last year, Nicole Kidman ended years of speculation by finally admitting to trying Botox . “I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards,” she told the German Magazine, TV Movie. “Now I don’t use it anymore – I can move my forehead again!”

Robin Wright

“You bet. Everybody f–king does it,” the “House of Cards” actress told the Telegraph in February 2014. “I suppose I can’t say ‘everybody’ because I don’t know for sure, but come … It’s just the tiniest sprinkle of Botox twice a year. I think most women do 10 units, but that freezes the face and you can’t move it. This is just one unit, and it’s just sprinkled here and there to take the edge off.”

Cameron Diaz

“I’ve tried Botox before, where it was like a little tiny touch of something,” she revealed to “Entertainment Tonight” in January 2014. “It changed my face in such a weird way that I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to [be] like [that].’ I’d rather see my face ageing than a face that doesn’t belong to me at all.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

“I’ve probably tried everything,” she admitted to Harper’s Bazaar in 2013. “I would be scared to go under the knife, but you know, talk to me when I’m 50. I’ll try anything. Except I won’t do Botox again, because I looked crazy. I looked like Joan Rivers!”

Kim Kardashian

“I did it right around my eyes,” she told “Access Hollywood” in 2011. “It just didn’t work for me. It made, I think, my face look different.”

Cindy Crawford

The supermodel discussed her Botox views with Ladies Home Journal in 2010: “I’ve tried Botox but it scares me. Plastic surgery is really scary, but as long as you don’t use these things to change your face, I think it’s OK.”

Kelly Ripa

42-year-old talk show hostess Kelly Ripa has proudly admitted to getting Botox in both her eyelids and her armpits.

by M. Wally

Age is a state of mind. Aging is a treatable condition.

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