how to choose a cosmetic clinic and injector

How to Choose a Cosmetic Clinic and Injector

With the non-surgical beauty industry growing rapidly, it’s hard to know which cosmetic clinic or doctor to choose. Do you need to seek out an injector with many years of experience or is it safe enough to get a little Botox in your frown while you are getting your root canal done?

Most people make choices based on someone else’s good experience at a cosmetic clinic. That is how most of our new clients come to us as well. What if you don’t know anyone who has had any cosmetic enhancements? At least you don’t think you do. Remember the best ‘work’ is very hard to spot.

Don’t go on price alone:

Many people go online and start surfing through websites of cosmetic clinics in their area, or if they are very private, they will look for a clinic further from their home where they are less likely to encounter someone they know. Then they call around and ask for prices on dermal fillers or Botox. The receptionist can tell them what it costs for a vial of Restylane or Juvederm or how much an average treatment to reduce forehead wrinkles might cost, but without seeing you, it is impossible for them to give you even a ballpark price on what you may need. Some people are very young but due to their genetic makeup or sun damage, they can need much more product to look rejuvenated than a 55-year-old who’s taken great care of their skin. So basing your decision on a cosmetic clinic because it is offering Botox at $1 less per unit, makes no sense at all. You get what you pay for.

The injector’s experience counts:

Should you always look for a medi-spa or medical clinic that has a doctor as the cosmetic injector? Well certainly having a doctor on-site makes some people feel more comfortable. However, there are many excellent injecting nurses and technicians that operate under a doctor’s insurance and guidance so at least you are protected in the rare case of an adverse event. (Getting a bad reaction or serious complication after your injection.)

The amount of experience an injector has is very important, but be sure you are asking about the amount of time they have been using cosmetic injectables, not just how many years they have been a doctor. Remember, that many plastic surgeons might spend most of their time in surgical procedures so they may not be as proficient at injecting as a cosmetic doctor who does non-surgical treatments every day.

I feel it would be safe to say that a minimum of 4-6 or more years of steady injecting experience would be preferred. That is if the injector constantly keeps up with new techniques and products and attends regular conferences. In this amount of time, an injector should have encountered enough different faces, different needs and different reactions to not only predict how your results will be but will be able to avoid ‘adverse events’ or at least know instantly how to deal with them should they occur.

Finally, do you like the people at this cosmetic clinic?

They don’t need to yell your name every time you walk in the door like an episode from Cheers. (Okay I’m dating myself) but it is good to like and easily connect with the staff and doctor.

Once you settle on a place to try, remember that building a relationship with that injector and that cosmetic clinic is important. You need to feel that your needs are being heard and met and that you trust the opinion of your consultant and your injector even if it differs from yours. Remember, we don’t always know what will work but start by telling them what bothers you the most and keep an open mind to hearing a professional’s ideas. Not everyone is trying to upsell you; it may just be that by augmenting another area, you may improve the one that bothers you which may leave you looking more natural.

It’s all about trust and level of experience. Try a few and settle with the doctor that gives you the best results, not just the one that gives you the best price.

by M. Wally

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