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Nadine Frame

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Although for years I have attended conferences and researched our machines, been trained on them, attended training sessions on skincare products I thought it best to leave the consults to our wonderful experts but I have discovered a new passion for myself. I love the interaction with patients and enjoy the process of visualizing what can be achieved with fillers, neuromodulators and textural machines that smooth, repair damage, re-texture and tighten. I am passionate about connecting with and delivering results to all our patients that walk through the door.


  • 18 years of consultation experience
  • Fine Arts degree from UNISA
  • Extensive knowledge of skin conditions and treatments
  • Trained on all of our machines
Make the most of every day because you don't know what tomorrow brings
Nadine Frame


Consultant and Visualizing Expert

Nadine received her Honours Degree in Fine arts at The University of South Africa and has since transferred her creative passion from paint and brushes to cosmetics and fillers. She is able to use her creative eye and these mediums to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals and feel confident. Nadine still loves to paint, attend pilates and spend time with her husband and 3 lovely children.

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