Face Droop

Treatments to tighten and revive your face


Face Drooping

With aging, the cheek fat pads drop or lose their volume. This creates hollowness under the eyes or a chronically tired look. This dropping of the cheek also accentuates the nasal labial and marionette lines.

One of the most satirized aesthetic procedures is cheek augmentation. When overdone, an apple-cheek can appear with huge balls that look as if they obstruct vision. This is to be avoided at all costs. A natural refreshed look can be achieved with careful cheek augmentation that accentuates the cheekbones and triangularized the face. A cat-look can occur if the cheekbones appear too wide with inadvertent or inaccurate cheek injection.

Other face droop causes include:

  • The main cause of a droopy face is aging, as we age the skin loses connective tissue such as; protein elastin and collagen
  • Sun exposure 
  • Poor dieting 
  • Smoking
  • Stress


How to Get Rid of Face Droop?

One of the latest techniques for cheek augmentation is dermal filler injections through a microcannula. The blunt tip of the cannula pushes past vessels and nerves allowing the doctor to place the filler more evenly and precisely, with less trauma to the skin and the tissue below. Bruising is rare and the only sign of injection are several small entry holes that begin to seal up and heal immediately after treatment. For the client who can’t afford the possible downtime of regular injection techniques, this is a perfect solution.


Face Droop Treatments

At Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic, we offer non-surgical treatments to lift and revive your face. We can also combine treatments for longer lasting results.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler injections provide a liquid facelift for the right patient and the results are immediate with minimal downtime.

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Thermage® CPT

Thermage tightens your sagging cheeks while improving collagen and stimulates new collagen growth.

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