Hollow Temples

Treatments to fill hollow temples


Hollow Temples

As we age, fat and other subcutaneous tissue is lost from the temple areas leaving us with hollow temples. There is even bone loss. This causes a wasted or unhealthy look. Most people are surprised when we point out that this area could be used for them. The goal in treating the hollow temple is to provide a better overall shape to the face and a smooth transition from the periorbital area to the temporal hairline. The temples are the essential hanger for the entire face. Hollow temples often result in excessive skin folds in the eye lids.

Some people call a face with hollow temples the peanut-head. This area is difficult to treat due to large amounts of surface veins as well as a temporal artery running across it. Surgery is not particularly effective as the tightening skin can accentuate the hollow temple look.

Most common causes of hollow temples:

Aging is the leading cause of hollow temples. Over time we experience tissue volume loss and elasticity. As our skin ages and sags, the appearance of hollow temples accentuates. 


How to Improve Hollow Temples?

To improve hollow temples you need to replace collagen to enhance fullness. Thick dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers or Radiesse are injected into your temple area to support your rejuvenation goals.

Sculptra is another excellent treatment for replacing collagen and rebuilding hollow temples. This treatment fills the area instantly. However the water gets metabolized within a few hours and you are left with calcium micro-spheres evenly distributed to stimulate your own collagen to grow. The results are slow-growing but long lasting. 

See our recommended treatments for hollow temples.


Treatments for Hollow Temples

At Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic, we offer non-surgical treatments to replenish volume loss in your temple area. We can also combine treatments for longer lasting results, while smoothing your skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler injectables like hyaluronic acid, add volume to hollow temples and plump up the skin as a result. This solution can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles around your temples.

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The Sculptra treatment can be recommended to treat hollow temples, as it replacing collagen and replenishes volume loss.

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Some patients have seen longer lasting results with thicker injectables such as Radiesse®, as they offer good lifting capabilities.

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Skincare Products to Improve the Effects of Hollow Temples

All of our skincare products are medical grade and dermatologist-recommended. We offer free shipping in Canada on orders over $150. 

ZO Firming Serum

A firming serum designed to tighten and firm the skin, for a more defined facial contour. This product is appropriate for all skin types.

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ZO HydraFirm

This ZO skincare product is an advanced anti-aging product with retinol and ZPRO(™), it is appropriate for loss of elasticity in eyes.

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SkinCeuticals AGE Interrupter

A multi-action anti-aging skincare product. Restores water and nutrients to improve the look of skin firmness and skin texture and more.

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