Sweaty Hands


Reducing sweaty hands

Having hands that sweat excessively can be uncomfortable, especially in business or social gatherings. Sweaty hands can be a symptom of palmar hyperhidrosis (abnormal sweating not related to heat or exercise), besides disrupting daily activities, this type of heavy sweating can cause social anxiety.

You can talk to your doctor about prescription creams or antiperspirants as well as nerve-blocking medication. However, creams and antiperspirants don’t last long, neuromodulator therapeutic treatment can offer longer-lasting relief from sweaty hands with no downtime.


How we can reduce sweaty hands

If you are looking for a relatively quick solution that offers longer relief from sweaty hands then Anti-aging Medical and Laser Clinic can help! At our clinic, we can help reduce sweaty hands by using neuromodulators that help by blocking the nerve signals in the problem area that are responsible for sweating.

Before you are given neuromodulation treatment you are evaluated to see how severe the sweating is. This can be done in several ways including through the use of an evaporimeter, persprint paper, patient reports, and most commonly, the iodine starch test. The neuromodulator is injected into the palms of the hands and fingers using a thin needle in a grid pattern, 1-2 centimetres apart. After this quick treatment, you can return to daily activities with no downtime and you should start to notice results in two weeks. You should return for another appointment every 6 months.


Treatments available for sweaty hands

During the consultation with the consultant and the doctor, you will be evaluated for whether therapeutic neuromodulators are suitable for the condition and if so, how many units will be necessary. Once qualified for the procedure, the treatment is fairly quick and you will notice a reduction in hand sweating for several months.

Theraputic Neuromodulators

An appropriate amount of neuromodulators will be injected into the surface of the palm of your hand using a fine needle in a grid pattern. Resulting in the blocking of the nerves and glands responsible for sweating.

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