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Thigh Stretch Marks

Enhance skin appearance and texture while diminishing stretch marks in multiple body areas, such as thighs, buttocks, and stomach, through non-invasive treatments.

Thigh Stretch Marks


Streaks or stripes on the skin are usually caused by the skin stretching from an unexpected weight gain, growth spurt (as in during puberty) or from pregnancy. Bodybuilders are also prone to stretch marks from the rapid change that building muscle can produce.

There is a decreased supportive structure of the stretched skin and small tears occur. At first stretch marks can be reddish or purple and have a different texture from the surrounding skin. Fortunately, most fade or disappear over time but some can stick around for life.

Other causes of thigh stretch marks include:

  • The side effects of some medications 
  • Certain medical conditions such as steroid use
  • Genetics
How to Get Rid of Thigh Stretch Marks?

There are many creams on the market claiming to get rid of stretch marks but few have been reported to actually make a difference. If treated early, tretinoin (Retin A) cream and glycolic acid peels or creams can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks.

Other treatments that reduce thigh stretch marks are:

  • Laser therapy. These procedures stimulate skin cell growth.
  • Exfoliation. Regular exfoliators remove dead skin from your thighs and also improve skin regeneration.
  • Microdermabrasion. This treatment uses exfoliating crystals to reduce the appearance of thigh stretch marks.

Popular Treatments For Stretch Marks

Secret™ PRO

Secret™ PRO

The Secret PRO offers a comprehensive solution for reducing stretch marks and rejuvenating the skin. This treatment combines 2 innovative approaches, RF Microneedling and CO2 to promote collagen production and address underlying skin issues. This benefits individuals seeking to eliminate stretch marks.

HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser

HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser


HALO’s revolutionary technology offers skin resurfacing by growing new cells. This treatment addresses numerous skin conditions including stretch marks by triggering your skin’s natural tone and texture.

Infini™ RF Microneedling

Infini™ RF Microneedling


Infini Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that applies multiple fine needles penetrating your skin, inducing new collagen and reducing thigh stretch marks over time.

Venus Viva™

Venus Viva™


Venus Viva is a skin resurfacing treatment that creates collagen and rejuvenates your skin, reducing the appearance of stretch marks over time.

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