Weak Chin

Treatments to contour your chin


Weak Chin

Although “weak” and “strong” are relative terms, many people have a degree of retrognathia, a chin that sits back too far. This is either due to the mandible shifting backwards or the teeth sitting further back in the mandible. Augmenting a weak chin can make the facial features appear more in proportion.

Most common causes of a recessed chin include:

  • Genetics, where there has been insufficient frontal projection of your chin’s bone 
  • Congenital disability 
  • Trauma or an injury to your lower jawbone 


How to Improve a Weak Chin?

Apart from a surgical chin augmentation with an implant or jawline exercises, non-surgical cosmetic treatments like a neck lift and dermal fillers can improve your weak chin. 


Treatments for a Weak Chin

At Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic, we offer non-surgical treatments to contour a recessed chin. We can also combine treatments for longer lasting results.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are soft gels injected beneath your skin, which can enhance the appearance of your weak chin with a better edge.

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Non-Surgical Neck lifts

Non-surgical neck treatments can be done with minimally invasive procedures and can help support the look of your neck and jawline.

Infini™ RF Microneedling

The INFINI treatment is a non-invasive procedure that naturally reproduces collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid.

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Skincare Products to Firm Your Chin

All of our skincare products are medical grade and dermatologist-recommended. We offer free shipping in Canada on orders over $150. 

ZO Firming Serum

This serum tightens and firms the skin, for a more defined facial contour. Great for all skin types.

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SkinCeuticals H.A. Intensifier

H.A. Intensifier is a multi-functional serum that maintains your skin’s hyaluronic acid levels, which boosts facial volume and firmness, providing a visible lift.

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SkinCeuticals Tripeptide-R Neck Repair

A corrective treatment proven to improve the appearance of neck lines, loss of firmness and helps with neck contouring.

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