Chest / Decollete

Chest / Decollete

The chest skin, or decollete (sometimes referred to as decolletage) when referring to women’s chest skin, is prone to sun damage, wrinkles, or stretch marks. Women (and men) with these conditions may feel self-conscious and avoid wearing lower necklines or revealing the area. Surgical scars from breast surgery or chest surgery may increase their discomfort. Our Vancouver, BC, medical, laser and skin clinic provides several non-surgical treatments that tighten the skin, remove stretch marks, diminish chest sun damage, and even improve scarring.

Age/Sun Spots

Does your chest skin show the signs of sun damage? Is it mottled with dark age spots or white spots (known as pigment dropout)? The chest is sometimes neglected in our skin care routine; particular when it comes to protecting it from the sun. Treatments that reduce age spots include: Fraxel ® laser, intense pulsed light (IPL), chemical peels, and skin lightening products such as Jan Marini’s Age Intervention ® Enlighten Plus and SkinCeutical’s Pigment Regulator. More about age spots and sun spots.

Breast Surgery Scars

Breast surgery (augmentation and reduction) may result in visible scars. Sometimes breast surgery scars are raised – a type of scar known as keloid scarring - or have darker pigment than surrounding breast tissue. A private medical assessment may reveal that corticosteroid treatment is the appropriate option, but for many, Fraxel laser skin resurfacing can provide lasting improvement. More about breast surgery scars.

Chest Loose Skin

How to tighten the skin? If only you could turn back time, or perhaps taken better care of this often neglected area of the body. If your chest or decollete skin is loose, coarsely textured, and has dry looking areas of ridging, sometimes referred to as “crepe” or “crepe paper skin”, there are treatments which can rejuvenate and tighten chest skin.  Our Vancouver, Canada clinic - Anti-Aging Medical and Laser - offers several treatment options, including: Thermage ®, Fraxel, and skin correction products. More about loose chest skin.
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