Face Lines

Face Lines

Do you have unwanted facial lines that make you appear old and haggard, and diminish your self-confidence? Like many of us, you’ve tried various products and techniques to remove wrinkles, and have used sunblock and moisturizers to prevent wrinkles, but still, the facial lines appear, year after year. Our Anti-Aging Medical & Laser in Vancouver BC, provides many treatments that reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and tighten the face skin. Effective, non-surgical facelifts, fine line and wrinkle treatments include dermal fillers, Botox ® injections, and skin treatments like Thermage® and Fraxel® laser.

Bunny Nose Lines

You may have wondered how to reduce the wrinkles at the sides and top of your nose. These diagonal to vertical lines are known as “bunny nose” wrinkles. They extend from just below the inner corner of the eyes (on both sides) diagonally toward the nose. The bunny wrinkle usually appears momentarily when we smile, laugh, squint or squinch the face, but these repeated facial expressions can turn this transient wrinkle into a permanent, unwanted facial feature. Botox injections can reduce their appearance dramatically, and quickly! More about bunny nose lines.

Dimpled Chin Lines

A small chin dimple may be cute but do you suffer from peau d’orange (orange peel) wrinkles? This common group of pebbled chin wrinkles is the result of pursing the lips, repeatedly, over time. Like many facial wrinkles, orange peel chin is transient at first and happens only during certain facial expressions or muscle contractions. Over time, the repeated contraction of the chin’s mentalis muscle responsible for these expressions, can make the once transient wrinkles permanent. Orange peel chin or golf ball wrinkles, and other chin wrinkles can be reduced with Botox, select dermal fillers, Sculptra ®, Thermage and Fraxel laser. More about dimpled chin lines.

Eyebrow Lines

Eyebrow lines often appear as a comma-shaped wrinkle at the lateral edge (toward the side) of the brow. This wrinkle frequently becomes more visible as we age, but can also be the result of a brow lift. A skilled doctor can reduce this comma line with a judicious, carefully and artfully applied Botox injection treatment. More about eyebrow lines.

Forehead / Brow Surprise

Do you look surprised even when you are calm? Are your horizontal forehead lines (brow lines) bothering you? Although “surprise-lines” can give your face character, many men and women would like to reduce or remove these wrinkles when they become permanent and deeply etched. There are many treatments available to reduce forehead wrinkles: dermal fillers can fill the creases; Botox can relax muscles responsible for contractions that deepen forehead lines; and, skin tightening and resurfacing treatments like Thermage and  Fraxel laser can provide longer term relief, softening lines and stimulating collagen production. More about forehead and brow lines.

Frown Lines

The frown lines or glabella lines is the most popular area treated with botulinum toxin injections (Botox). While other lines have some positive aspects, frown lines can note frustration and anger. Many people inadvertently contract their glabella muscle between the eyebrows to produce frown lines subconsciously. More about frown lines.

Marionette Lines

Does your mouth look like it’s on a hinge – like the mouth of a marionette? Marionette lines are bothersome mouth/chin wrinkles that extend from the outer corners of the mouth down toward the chin. Sometimes these wrinkles are superficial, but for some men and women these annoying creases become deeper and deeper with each passing year. Thankfully, there are numerous facial line and wrinkle reduction treatments that can dramatically decrease marionette lines. Learn more about the condition and find out what treatments are available in our Vancouver, Canada office. More about marionette lines.

Smile Lines or Nasolabial Folds

Everyone love a great smile, but smile lines or nasolabial folds can become quite noticeable – even when you aren’t smiling. If you’d like to reduce these wrinkles that run from the edge of the nostril to the corner of the mouth, our Vancouver skin treatment centre offers a number of effective dermal filler treatments that diminish the appearance of smile lines. Wrinkle reduction with dermal fillers is effective, comfortable, quick, and requires virtually no downtime. More about smile lines.

Smoking Lines

Do you have vertical lines around your mouth and on the lips that look like the creases that occur when you pull a drawstring pouch? You can prevent these smoking lines by giving up your smoking habit early on, but smoking lines or perioral lines also affect many non-smokers. Perioral lines are caused by the repeated pursing of your lips during smoking, eating and drinking. Treatments include dermal fillers, Botox injections and laser skin treatments. More about smoking lines.
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