If you want the best looking legs you can have, our Vancouver, Canada laser, skin and private medical clinic provides a number of non-surgical treatments that improve the appearance of legs. Whether you want to lose fat, tighten skin, or need long lasting relief for your sweating feet soles, we can help.

Fat Around Knees

Are you bothered by knee fat and looking for a treatment sometimes referred to as “non-surgical liposuction” or “lipo laser”? Knee pad fat is difficult to lose and although a good diet and exercise routine may help, people frequently find that no matter what they do, they can’t shed that puffy fat around their knees. Our Vancouver, BC clinic offers LipoSonix ® ultrasound treatments that can burn up to one inch of fat. Find out if you are a good candidate for LipoSonix knee fat reduction by booking a medical consultation. More about knee fat.

Hairy Legs

In our culture, hairy legs are considered unattractive. Both women and men resort to time-consuming leg hair removal (epilation) rituals that often provide only short-term benefits and are sometimes painful. If you are tired of shaving, waxing and plucking unwanted leg hair, you may want to consider laser hair removal. Hair removal by laser is an effective method for permanent hair reduction. More about hairy legs.

Knees Loose Skin

You may consider loose knee skin unsightly and unattractive and shy away from clothing that reveals the knee. Whether that loose skin is from weight loss, aging, or genetics, exercise alone may not provide the aesthetic improvement you desire. Thermage ® CPT can tighten loose skin at the knees. More about loose knee skin.

Saddle Bags Fat

Excess fat on your hips and thighs can be bothersome and you may be seeking an aesthetic improvement. If you would like to reduce “saddle bag” fat and refine hip and outer thigh contours, LipoSonix is an alternative to surgery that can remove up to inch of fat, safely and with little downtime. More about saddle bags fat.

Sweaty Soles

Are the soles of your feet excessively sweaty? Are you tired of soaking through socks and feeling constantly damp and uncomfortable? Sweaty feet soles, a condition known as plantar hyperhidrosis, can be controlled. Therapeutic Botox ® is an approved treatment for hyperhidrosis that can provide relief for up to six months. Our clinic provides information about Botox to Vancouver and Lower Mainland, BC clients. More about sweaty soles of feet.

Thighs Stretch Marks

Do you have stretch marks on your thighs? These often vertical lines or striations of scarring occur in both women and men and can be the result of rapid weight loss or pregnancy. Stretch mark reduction treatments can be performed with Fraxel ® (fractionated laser). Studies have demonstrated that Fraxel can improve the appearance of stretch marks by 75%. More about thigh stretch marks.
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