The neck is very susceptible to the effects of aging on the skin’s appearance. With age, the neck skin becomes thinner, loses elasticity and folds, and neck wrinkles and creases develop. A smooth neck is not only a sign of youth, to most people it is more aesthetically pleasing. Our Vancouver medical and laser clinic provides many alternatives to a neck lift that can rejuvenate neck skin, reduce wrinkles, and make it appear more youthful. Our Vancouver, BC skin, medical and laser clinic offers many treatments that improve the neck’s appearance.

Neck Cords

For some, prominent vertical neck cords become more visible with age. As we  lose fat and internal structures like collagen and elastin break down, the strong lateral neck muscles (platysma) can become more visible, with deep creases or hollows between each vertical cord. Botox ® can be used to relax the neck cords, making them appear less prominent. More about neck cords.

Neck Sun Damage

Neck sun damage causes wrinkles, brown spots, and uneven skin tone that doesn’t show up until we reach middle age, then worsens as we continue to age. Much of the neck’s sun damage was caused years before it makes its appearance. Vancouver’s Anti-Aging Medical & Laser clinic offers skin tightening and lightening treatments. Fraxel and Thermage can reduce wrinkles, smoothe the skin and reduce dark spots and patches. We also offer skin care products that may improve discolouration. More about neck sun damage.

Neck Wrinkles

If you have neck wrinkles, banding and crepe-like neck skin, you may want to consider one of several non-surgical neck lift treatments that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can be used to improve vertical lines and folds caused by muscle contractions and skin tightening treatments such as Thermage CPT and Fraxel laser can provide longer lasting and dramatic results. More about neck wrinkles.
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