If you have scars that bother you and are exploring scar treatments or scar removal in Vancouver BC, Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic provides non-surgical scar reduction treatments that can minimize the appearance of many types of scars. Whether you want to reduce acne scars, accident scars or surgery scars, we provide private medical consultations, laser scar treatments, and scar treatment products that may reduce scarring (depending on skin type and scar type) without the need for reduction or revision surgery.

Acne Scars-Smooth and Reduce

Acne may result in many types of scarring including: boxcar scarring and icepick scars which appear as pits in the skin, and, keloid and hypertrophic scars which are raised and sometimes pink or reddish-brown in colour. Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic provides Fraxel ® laser scar reduction treatments that can dramatically reduce the appearance of scarring. More about acne scarring.

Arm & Hand Scars

The hands are always in use and so are prone to scarring. The arms, too, see their fair share of scarring from cuts, surgery, and conditions like keratosis pilaris (rough acne-like bumps) which can scar the arm skin. Fractionated laser (Fraxel® laser) skin resurfacing can reduce the appearance of both dark and light arm scars. Glycolic, and microdermabrasion can refresh the skin providing a more even skin tone. More about arm and hands scars.

Breast Surgery Scars

Breast surgery (augmentation and reduction) may result in visible scars. Sometimes breast surgery scars are raised – a type of scar known as keloid scarring - or have darker pigment than surrounding breast tissue. A private medical assessment may reveal that corticosteroid treatment is the appropriate option, but for many, Fraxel laser skin resurfacing can provide lasting improvement. More about breast surgery scars.

Surgical Scars

All surgery, even minor surgery can result in scarring. If you have visible surgery scars, including hypertrophic or keloid scars, you may be a candidate for Fraxel ® laser scar treatments. More about surgical scars.

Stomach Scars

If you’ve been searching for stomach scar removal techniques, but are fed up with “miracle creams” that promise but don’t deliver and don’t want to undergo a stomach scar revision surgery, there are alternatives to surgery that require no downtime, are relatively painless and cost far less than surgery. Our Vancouver private medical clinic provides non-surgical stomach scar reduction.
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