Both women and men try many different ways to improve the appearance of the stomach. Just think about the many late-night infomercials dedicated to improving the stomach. From exercises, stomach improvement gym equipment to fat burning pills and lotions, stomach improvement has become an industry unto itself. Whether you would like to tighten loose stomach skin, lose that last inch of fat that exercise just won’t burn, reduce the appearance of stretch marks or stomach scars, our Vancouver, BC laser, skin and medical clinic provides non-surgical alternatives to liposuction and abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”) that can help you look your best.

Stomach Loose Skin

Loose stomach skin may be a consequence of rapid weight loss, aging, pregnancy, genetics or a combination of all three. For many, tightening loose stomach skin feels like a losing battle. Though surgery may be appropriate when there is an excessive amount of loose skin, for many, Thermage ® CPT provides long lasting improvement. Thermage restores and stimulates collagen – a protein that gives your skin structure – tightening and smoothening the skin. Compared to surgery, Thermage requires little downtime or recovery time. More about loose stomach skin.

Stomach Fat (Love Handles, Muffin Top, Flanks)

If, like many, you exercise and diet, but just can’t lose that last inch of stomach fat, there is a non-surgical treatment that can help: LipoSonix ®. LipoSonix can dissolve up to an inch of fat from the stomach, flanks and outer thighs. This lipo laser treatment is relatively quick and requires little downtime. A private medical consultation is required to determine whether you are a good candidate. More about stomach fat.

Stomach Stretch Marks

Stomach stretch marks (striae) are a type of scarring that occurs as a result of excessive changes in skin tension. Pregnancy and rapid weight loss combined with insufficient collagen (the protein responsible for tight skin) can result in the formation of stretch marks. They can occur anywhere, but most frequently appear on areas of the body that store fat – like the stomach. The striated (parallel lines or bands) scars begin as purple-red lines and may fade to pink-red but frequently do not resolve completely. Fractionated laser stretch mark treatments with Fraxel ® stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of stretch marks without the downtime associated with surgery. More about stomach stretch marks.

Stomach Scars

If you’ve been searching for stomach scar removal techniques, but are fed up with “miracle creams” that promise but don’t deliver and don’t want to undergo a stomach scar revision surgery, there are alternatives to surgery that require no downtime, are relatively painless and cost far less than surgery. Our Vancouver private medical clinic provides non-surgical stomach scar reduction.
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