Types of Consultations

Anti-Aging Medical Clinic is a private health care centre in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our private medical services include individual and corporate health assessments, screening and preventative medicine to identify health issues and risk factors contributing to disease and aging.

Muscle Aging Consultation

Loss of muscle mass and function, or sarcopenia, is a condition often related to aging. Though inactive people are more likely to suffer from muscle mass loss, active people are also affected; therefore, there are other factors besides aging that may contribute to the condition. We begin to lose muscle mass by about age 30, and, some people experience a rapid decline from 65 onward. Symptoms of sarcopenia can include weakness, muscle fatigue, and reduced stamina – all decreasing quality of life.

A muscle aging consultation can identify whether you suffer from sarcopenia, and help you establish a treatment plan, or, assess your risk for developing sarcopenia later in life, giving you a chance to safeguard against it now.

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Osteoporosis Consultations

1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will suffer an osteoporosis related bone fracture in their lifetime. Bone loss is a silent disease because it occurs without any symptoms. Bone fractures in later life lead to a cascade of health issues: greatly diminished quality of life, increased risk for more fractures, and reduced life expectancy.

Our Vancouver private medical clinic provides osteoporosis assessments, which include: medical history review, family medical history, blood tests, bone density test, and hormone assessment. An assessment will tell you whether you have or are at risk for osteoporosis. With this information, a plan of action can be developed to improve your condition, or, lower your risk for developing osteoporosis later in life.

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Brain Aging Consultation

Brain aging and its effect on cognitive function is feared by many, particularly as we age. Even today, much of brain health is a mystery, yet, we do know that, like any part of the body, the brain undergoes changes in functioning, reduced blood flow, increased inflammation, and even size as we get older.

Our Vancouver private health clinic offers brain aging consultations including: cognitive disease risk evaluation, cognitive testing, depression screening, neurological assessment, genetic counselling, referral for testing including blood tests, urine, CT, and MRI; supplement, nutrition and lifestyle advice, and physical and brain exercise suggestions.

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Heart Aging Consultation

Coronary artery disease (the most common cause of heart attacks) and stroke are the leading killers of people in the world. In 2012, some 7.4 million people died of heart disease, and 6.7 million people died of stroke. These two diseases, estimated at 80% preventable by the World Health Organization, have topped the “leading cause of death” charts worldwide for over a decade. A heart and stroke risk assessment will tell you if you are at risk, and, if you are, give you a chance to implement changes that reduce your risk.

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Cancer Risk Evaluation

Genetics and lifestyle can both play a role in the risk of developing certain cancers. A cancer risk evaluation can show you whether you are at risk for some forms of the disease. It’s important to know that having a risk doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily develop the disease; it does, however, give you a greater chance of making changes that can reduce the risk.

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Genetic Consultation

Some of how we function and how healthy we are is attributable to genetics. Genetic testing can reveal if you are at risk for sudden death from inherited genetic disorders, carry genetic markers for conditions and diseases, or are at greater risk for certain types of illness and conditions. Genetic testing can help you and your doctor better plan your health care, more efficiently manage illness and increase the efficacy of preventative care.

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Women’s Health Consultation

As women age, it becomes more vital than ever to have consistent personal medical care and health assessments. Our private clinic offers health support and assessment services that help prevent and manage illness, lower your risk of developing diseases women are at risk for, and increase the quality of your life.

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Men’s Health Consultation

Our clinic provides a broad range of health assessments tailored to men’s needs; improving general health and well-being and helping reduce the risk of ailments that are prevalent in men as they age. Our thorough screening and health evaluation can help ensure that your health is optimized now, and, into the future.

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Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing is stopped repeatedly during sleep. Symptoms include: restless sleep, daytime fatigue, loud snoring, abrupt awakening accompanied by shortness of breath, dry mouth, sore throat, and morning headaches. If you live alone, you may not know you have sleep apnea, but if you are in a relationship, your partner may notice that you snore and sleep restlessly.

Sleep apnea is treatable. If you believe you might be affected, contact us to book an initial sleep apnea assessment.

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