cosmetic issues- resemble star trek

Cosmetic Issues – Resemble Star Trek Characters

We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek today but desperately want to avoid the alien looks popularized by the franchise. For fun, we thought we’d show you why we use Star Trek terms to describe cosmetic issues.

Everyone has heard of a Spock Face? Too much Botox brow lift can raise the eyebrows into a pointy, surprised look.


How about a Klingon Brow? This is an over-relaxed forehead with a dash too much filler on the brow ridge.


Famous Cardassian? The Cardassian Neck was around long before our new famous-for-being famous Kardashians. A little Botox to the platysma neck bands can relax that tressed look and slim the neck.


Many aesthetic doctors try to slim and shape the nose bridge to hold sunglasses better, or just for Asian fashion. Too much filler can create the Ferengi Nose.


Happy Anniversary Star Trek- Keep it natural looking!

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