Cosmetic Treatments: If you could change just one thing…

Have you lived for years with ruddy skin, acne scars, a weak chin, thin lips, a wrinkled “11” between your brows that makes you look angry all of the time, or perhaps a bump on your nose that would require scary surgery to conceal? Is there anything else that makes you lack confidence in how you are presenting to the world?

Most people don’t realize how far the cosmetic  industry has come in making these alterations simple, quick, safe, painless and non-surgical.

Working in an anti-aging clinic, I see people come in everyday with small and large changes they want to make. Some of the issues they have, I need to look really closely to see.  After I tell them that “if I have to look that closely, I doubt other people can see it,” they look at me like,” thanks for sharing, now fix the damn thing!”  No matter how small the change is, I see them leave feeling so much better once it has been corrected. Sure it would be great if we could all just accept exactly what we were born with and be happy with it. It’s not always that clear cut or that easy.

Considering how simple it is to make some of these changes, why should we just live with things that bother us when something as simple as a filler or Botox or a laser could help them?


Okay so there’s the issue of money, I mean none of this stuff is exactly cheap right?

Have you calculated how much money you’ve spent on your car or decorating your house this year? Don’t you deserve the same level of investment? Whether you hire yourself a personal trainer, get some Yoga classes, a new bike or the fuller lips you’ve always wanted, this is the only body and face you’ve got so why not let it be its best so you can feel good all of the time?

It’s also important to remember that you are not only paying for the product itself but you are paying for the expertise of your injector or your laser technician. We are talking about your face here, do your research, check Go for a consult and see who you feel comfortable with and then finally, take the plunge and change that one thing, not only because you think it will make you look better but because how it might make you feel better.

Age is a state of mind. Aging is  a treatable condition.

By M. Wally

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