How Old is Too Old for Botox?

How Old is Too Old for Botox?

There is a point in time when some people become “Beyond Botox.” However, it’s not about reaching a specific age. So…how old is too old for Botox?

It’s about the time when the skin and muscle tone have lost their laxity to a point where Botox or any other neuromodulator such as Dysport or Xeomin will not make enough of a difference to the lines to make the patient happy.

There is no sure way to tell when this time has come but we usually know after a patient returns to our Vancouver Botox clinic for their 2 weeks follow up appointment with very little result. Botox is such a WOW treatment that it’s easy to see when the face is no longer responding to it as it used to.

Other Skin Treatments Options

Depending on how the patient feels, a surgical facelift is one road to take but not everyone is up for that. Another would be to use fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Radiesse more strategically. Which means to fill individual lines and wrinkles in areas we might normally put a neuromodulator.

Neuromodulators allow us to smooth forehead lines, frown lines, lift the eyebrow and eyelid skin, decrease the bunny scrunch and crow’s feet and that’s just from the nose up! Now if we go into those same areas with the appropriate thickness of filler, we can achieve a similar effect and the results will actually last longer.

So why not just use filler instead of Botox? Well for one, it is exceedingly more costly to use filler instead. It could take up to 4 vials of fillers to get the same result so the cost of doing all of these areas with Botox would probably be about  ¼ of the price. Plus, if a neuromodulator is still working for you, the results are smoother and you can decrease your lines without adding volume if that is what you prefer.

How We Achieve a Younger You Without Botox

Forehead Lines

By using a very thin filler, the injections go underneath the lines lifting them from below. The effect can be slightly bumpy for a few days but the filler is pliable and the patient is able to continue to massage the bumping down until it is smooth.


A great trick for lifting the sagging eyelid skin is by laying a line of filler right under the hair of the eyebrow to take up some of the slack of the loose skin.

Frown Lines

The frown lines or ’11’s are often Botox’d and then filled when they are very deep so filling them is already common. With only filler, they can still be well disguised.

Crow’s Feet

Almost everyone over 30 can use a bit of re-volumizing of the cheek area as it is one of the first areas we lose fat as we age. It’s those ‘apple cheeks’ that brings youth back to a face. So once someone has lost enough fat to create deep crow’s feet then enhancing the cheek not only in the front but up higher, on the top of the cheekbone, can make an amazing difference to crow’s feet.

Upper Lip

We often inject small, diluted amounts of neuromodulators above the upper lip to stop the smoker’s lines from contracting and appearing. A similar result can be achieved by filling along the vermillion border of the lip and chasing any deeper lines near both the bottom and upper lip

by M. Wally

Age is a state of mind. Aging is a treatable condition.

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