Introfill VS Aquagold – Dr. Frame’s Take

Recently there is a huge buzz on the blogospheres and social media regarding Kim Kardashian and her endorsement for Aquagold. Is this really a new treatment? Microneedling involves small needles piercing the skin to stimulate collagen, available at many spas and even on the Internet.

Many physicians use microneedling injection systems to actually infuse therapeutic agents into the skin. Here at Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic, we use the Introfill system to inject the medicines into the skin. Better than Aquagold, Introfill can accurately vary and change the depth of microneedling.

Introfill can also regulate the exact microliter amount of medicine injected. A suction vacuum pulls the skin onto the microneedling head. Don’t trust the sterilization at your local spa? Each Introfill microneedling cartridge is sterile and used only for one patient, eliminating the risk of HIV or other infectious disease transmissions.

Here at Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic, all doctors use excellent combinations of therapeutic agents in the microneedling Introfill device. Depending on your needs, we inject hyaluronic acid, cross-linked and uncross linked, botulinum toxin, growth factors, amino acids, peptides, Vitamins, and platelet rich plasma. You can even have the ”Kardashian Vampire Lift” using our Introfill package!

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