Lip Fillers and Lip Fashion – “Hmmm…whose lips should I get today?”


So you’ve finally got up the nerve to have your lips plumped. After doing your research on which doc to trust, you make your appointment for lip augmentation. Should you have an idea of what you want before going in?

Absolutely! You wouldn’t show up to your hairdressers’ without a page ripped out of a magazine with a picture of some movie star who looks nothing like you and say “I want to look like this!” now would you?

Keep in mind that  lip filler can alter the look of your lips quite a bit if that’s what you want, but your most natural look will be the one that enhances the shape of the lips you were born with. So the best photo to bring in would be a close-up pic of YOU say 10 or 20 years ago. Those are the lips you want to try and get back to.

Some of us weren’t blessed with luscious lips at any point, so in that case, you can try and find a photo of someone whose lip shape most closely matches yours only fuller …or you can let the doctor do their magic.

If your injector doesn’t ask you if you have a preference, (although they should) feel free to offer up what you are hoping to achieve. After all, you are the one wearing them for the next 6-12 months.

Here’s some popular lip styles:

A top lip larger than the bottom. Although this is known to be a sexy look, some people feel it has more of a “ducky” appearance and needs to be on a face that can handle it.


The larger lower lip is very popular at the moment:

 Or you could choose to have your lower lip curl over in middle:

Here’s the top and bottom lip at a similar size to each other:

Perhaps you like the look of 2 small mounds in your lower lip:

If you’d really like to go for it , here’s very full lips but the top and bottom are relatively equal in proportion:

Maybe you have lost your filtrum (the two lines that create your cupid’s bow running from your nostrils to the middle of your top lip) and need it re-defined.

Also, if you were born with very thin upper lip even this much augmentation is easily acheived:

 lips before & After NB
(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

 Redefining the edge or  border of your lips can help lessen wrinkles and keep your lipstick in place:

As you can see, lip shopping has no shortage of choices. A combination between your desired result and your injector’s opinion is your best bet.

Remember, for most temporary fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm, the  product can be dissolved if you a totally hated the result. So go for it! Pick the lips you’ve always wanted and try them on for awhile. You might be surprised how much you wished you’d done it sooner.

by M. Wally

Age is a state of mind. Aging is a treatable condition.

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