Genetic Consultation

Genetic Consultation

Genetic Consultation

How to arrange a Genetic Consultation

To request a Private Medical Consultation with Dr. Frame, please complete the Introduction Questionnaire:


If you prefer to download the forms, print and fax them back to us at 604-261-8878 or scan and email to [email protected]

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Dr. Frame will review your information and our clinic will be in contact with 72 hours.

What is included in a genetic consultation?

After a private, individual counselling visit, you can decide which genetic panel would be useful. You and Dr. Gidon Frame will evaluate the impact of genetic testing on your life, family and possibly, insurance risk. Saliva is collected in the office and shipped to the genetic testing facility.

The testing process takes about three months and a complete dossier of the results is produced. You then return for post-test counselling to discuss the consequences of the genetic testing results. You may need to change your behaviour or have further clinical testing.

Types of panels available:

1. Preventable Sudden Death Panel

2. Wellness and Longevity Panel

3. Carrier Screening Panel

4. Heart Attack or Heart Arrhythmia Panel

5. Cancer Panel or Prostate, Skin, Breast & Ovarian, Colorectal Cancer Panels

6. Alzheimer’s Disease Panel

7. Male Pattern Baldness Panel

8. Fitness & Athletic Performance Panel

9. Prenatal or Preconception Panels

Why is a genetic consultation needed?

Lately, more and more genes have been linked with specific diseases or with an increased risk of certain cancers, heart disease, clotting and bleeding problems, medication side effects and even physical fitness. New techniques of gene testing have radically changed the field of genetic testing and counselling.

What used to take 10 years and millions of dollars can now be done in six weeks for $5000. You can have your entire genome mapped. That means you can buy a print out of every gene in your 23 chromosome pairs. Unfortunately, we don’t understand the significance of most of these genes so the information is relatively useless. It is vital to carefully choose gene tests for diseases and conditions only when the information will help you in life, not hinder. Existence Genetics has carefully researched and put together a number of specific genetic tests that help predict the risk of certain conditions and diseases.

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