Growth Hormone Optimization

Growth Hormone Optimization

(*Please note that if you are inquiring about for HGH only, Dr. Frame treats clients 50 years and older who test to be deficient in Human Growth Hormone.)

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A recent spate of high-profile athletes suspended for drug abuse raises an important medical issue. Is hormone replacement therapy (HRT) a form of performance enhancement? Why are athletes using the same testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) that medical doctors prescribe for legitimate patients?

In essence, both testosterone and HGH are your natural anabolic steroids that your body produces to maintain muscles, skin, bones as well as sexual, physical and mental functioning. Both of these decline as you age and can be safely replaced under STRICT medical supervision once actual deficiency has been proven. There are safe ways to restore health and function that has been lost. This is known as Hormone Replacement Therapy and is very different from Performance Enhancement by competitive athletes.

HRT is legal and safe while Performance Enhancement is cheating, illegal and potentially unsafe. HRT replaces what you have lost. Performance Enhancement pushes hormone levels above normal to force the body to perform or grow more than the competition.

Hormone replacement therapy involves:-

  • Careful testing to show hormone deficiency
  • Full clinical medical evaluation to assess suitability
  • A careful trial of hormone therapy
  • Testing and follow up to track safety and efficacy

What is Growth Hormone?

Growth Hormone is your own, natural, anabolic steroid hormone secreted by the pituitary gland in the early hours of the morning. This peaks in adolescence but declines slowly as you age. Growth Hormone is also known as Human Growth Hormone or HGH. If your levels drop too low or too quickly, your anabolic status deteriorates, leading to loss of muscles (sarcopenia), bone (osteopenia) and skin as well as build up of excess fat. Anti-aging physicians (including Doctor Frame) believe that this can be rectified or reversed with measures to increase growth hormone production and secretion.

Scientific studies have shown significant improvement in muscle, fat, bone and skin as well as improved cholesterol levels, mood, libido and a general sense of well-being.

Dr. Gidon Frame offers a comprehensive Anti-Aging Medical Examination and treatment program for patients with the following concerns:

  • Decreased muscle bulk or strength
  • Increased fat
  • Decreased energy
  • Decreased concentration
  • Decreased libido
  • Sagging or thinning skin

These criteria may be an indicator of growth hormone insufficiency. Optimizing your body’s own growth hormone production can reverse many of these features of aging. Lifestyle, supplement and hormone treatments can increase growth hormone levels, however, most advertised claims are actually false. Beware of  “bait and switch” advertising that makes claims for a product that have not been proven for that product.

Many products contain no HGH or only microscopic or homeopathic levels or HGH (nanograms instead of milligrams). Other HGH products claim to be “growth hormone secretagogues” that stimulate the pituitary to produce HGH. Most of these costly supplements contain the same amino acids as any protein supplement you can buy at a health food store or supermarket. They have a very slight effect on HGH secretion if any. Any growth hormone optimization plan should include ongoing supervision by an experienced physician trained to evaluate growth hormone deficiency.

A full medical evaluation of growth hormone levels using medical history, physical examination, blood tests and urine analyses can test for key factors present in growth hormone deficiency. Once your HGH levels are shown to be deficient, declining or suboptimal, Dr. Frame can discuss the risks and benefits of HGH optimization or replacement. As with any hormone optimization, a physician trained and experienced in that field must supervise a carefully individualized plan and clinical trial.

Benefits & Risks of Growth Hormone Therapy

Many clinical studies have shown the benefits of HGH replacement for Growth Hormone Deficiency in adults. Some medical reviews have questioned the benefits and highlighted the risks of HGH treatment for age-related Growth Hormone decline. Even those suspicious of HGH, acknowledge the benefits in lean muscle increase and body fat reduction. Over-replacement of HGH to levels higher than optimal can lead to fluid retention, pre-diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome.

People with HGH-secreting tumours of the pituitary (acromegalic giants) have higher rates of colon polyps, colon cancer, prostate cancer and distorted bones (think of Tony Robbins who had a pituitary tumour removed before it could completely destroy him). Luckily, the risks of HGH are low when carefully used at physiologic levels. Cancer, diabetes and fluid overload side-effects are rarely encountered when HGH is used properly. HGH should only be used to treat deficiency or insufficiency that has been proven by appropriate testing. A full personal health assessment is needed prior to any hormone optimization to look for reasons why you may want to avoid hormone replacement therapy (contra-indications).

Note: The Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic discourages the use of HGH for performance enhancement or body-building purposes, especially where no HGH deficiency exists.

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