Heart Aging Consultation

Heart Aging Consultation

Heart Aging Consultation

To request a Private Medical Consultation with Dr. Frame, please complete the Introduction Questionnaire:


If you prefer to download the forms, print and fax them back to us at 604-261-8878 or scan and email to [email protected]

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Dr. Frame will review your information and our clinic will be in contact with 72 hours.

Consultation checklist

  1. Fill out Introduction Questionnaire for WOMEN — for MEN
  2. Once Dr. Frame has reviewed your information and approved your suitability, our clinic will contact you to set up an initial 1-hour consultation. This requires a pre-payment of $700 for your first appointment which you can pay with a credit card over the phone.
  3. You will be asked to fill out the In-Depth Health Questionnaire for WOMEN — for MEN and attach any recent blood work you may have had done.

What is included in a heart aging consultation?

1. Heart risk factor evaluation

2. Family history evaluation

3. Blood test review

4. Genetic counselling and testing, if indicated

5. Advice about exercise stress test, CT angiogram, carotid ultrasound, 24-hour Holter monitor

6. Lifestyle, supplement advice

7. Aspirin, blood pressure, cholesterol medication advice

8. Heart-healthy diet choices

Why is a heart aging consultation needed?

A heart attack is the single biggest killer of adults in North America. According to the heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, someone dies of heart attack or stroke every 7 minutes. As we age, our blood vessels narrow with plaque and debris.

This atherosclerosis builds up slowly till something dramatic happens and a blood vessel blocks. By the time you feel angina when the coronary arteries are 70% blocked, it is too late. Now we have techniques to detect 5 to 10% blockage. These new generations of cardiac CT scans use a much lower dose of radiation to see the exact outline of the coronary arteries in the heart.

Once you know how narrowed your arteries are, you can make an informed decision on how aggressively you need to change lifestyle, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure to prevent heart aging. Heart aging affects “plumbing and wiring”. This means the blood supply to the heart (coronary arteries) and electrical supply (pacemaker system) need to be evaluated. Sudden cardiac death occurs to even the fittest marathon runner if the electrical system shuts down from a prolonged QT syndrome that goes into ventricular tachycardia then ventricular fibrillation.

A private, preventative consultation will start to identify your risk of heart attack using validated tools such as Framingham Risk Calculator. As we delve deeper into your family history, genetics, standard risk factors (blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol), secondary risk factors (such as mercury, hormones) and bad habits, you will identify how to modify these risk factors.

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