NAMS declares Hormone Therapy Safe 2017

Hormone Therapy

NAMS declares Hormone Therapy Safe 2017

The most recent update (June 2017) from the North American Menopause Society reveals the following:

Hormone Therapy is safe:

  • For ‘appropriate dose, duration, regimen, and route of administration’ that provides the most benefit with the minimal amount of risk
  • For menopause symptoms and osteoporosis prevention
  • For women under 60 and within 10 years of menopause
  • Beyond 60 if benefits outweigh risks on evaluation and counseling

Breast cancer risk does not increase appreciably with short-term use of estrogen-progestogen therapy and may be decreased with estrogen

Read the full 2017 statement

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Patient Handout for the NAMS Menonote – what you need to know about Hormone Replacement Therapy

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