Patient Privacy Policy

Patient Privacy Policy

When you come to Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic for a consultation or treatment, you can be assured that everything you do or say is completely confidential.

Our patient privacy policy protects you.

Every member of our staff has signed a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement and has been trained to safeguard the privacy of all patients.

Neither our staff nor Dr. Frame will ever disclose your name or any personal information that may reveal that you are a patient. Even in cases where you have referred a friend with whom you been completely open about treatments at our clinic, clinic employees will never confirm that you are a patient or discuss your treatments.

Your photos will never be shown to anyone else or used in any advertising or for educational use without your expressed permission and signature on a photo/video consent form.

Don’t be offended if you encounter Dr. Frame or one of our staff members out of the office and they completely ignore you. Staff members have been instructed to do so unless you approach them first. This ensures your privacy and saves you the possible awkwardness of having to explain where you know our staff member from.

We want you to feel comfortable here and know that your privacy is our duty and honour to keep.

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