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Permanent Facial Fillers – are they right for you?

Our skin treatment clinic patients often ask which injectable fillers last the longest for facial augmentation and are there some permanent choices for them. There are a few longer lasting fillers and yes, even some permanent facial fillers but there are some points we like our patients to consider. Temporary fillers vary and last from 6 months to 2 years and if they are a hyaluronic acid filler then they have a safety advantage that some others do not. There is an enzyme called hyaluronidase which can break down and dissolve the filler if there is a complication. For what reason would you need that, you ask?

On the lighter side, what if you didn’t like the result? It’s rare, but sometimes a patient can’t adjust to an enhanced cheek or larger lips. We’ve had several Asian patients who liked the injectable nose bridge that Dr. Frame did for them so much, that they decided to get plastic surgery and have it permanently changed. The hyaluronic acid filler that he had placed there had to be dissolved before the surgery, which was a simple injection with the hyaluronidase. On the more serious side, what if the filler ‘clumped’ in one area, shifted and formed a small, visible lump or in the worst case scenario, blocked an artery and blood flow to an area? Now, this all sounds pretty scary and if you had used permanent filler, it might be. However, the ‘antidote’ is available and the problem is solved quickly and easily when you have opted for a temporary product.

The Benefits of Temporary Facial Fillers

The face is prone to fashion changes. Believe it or not, just like that Louis Vuitton handbag you had your eye on for a year that is now out of fashion, the shape and size of lips have been subject to evolving trends. Not long ago, everyone wanted their lip enhancement to result in very large lips with the top lip being bigger than the bottom. Now that look has become a sign that someone has obviously had ‘work’ done and more people are striving for a softer, more natural appearance. Younger, but less plumped up. If you had had those enhancements done with a permanent dermal filler, you will be stuck with that look or forced to remove the product with surgery.

Permanent fillers can also shift as the face ages. Some clients who have come to us years after having a permanent lip enhancement are now struggling with a lumpy, drifting mess. If you have been having the same successful enhancements for many years and trust your doctor, then a more permanent solution may be a step you decide to take. However, if this is still a new experience for you or if you have any concerns about complications, then hyaluronic acid fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane aand inour opinion, are the safest choices.

by M. Wally

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