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hosted by: Dr. Teri Fisher
Episode 42: Unlocking the Secrets of Facial Slimming: The Masseter Muscle Makeover

Episode 42: Unlocking the Secrets of Facial Slimming: The Masseter Muscle Makeover

V-Shaped Elegance: How Botox Reshapes Your Face

In this episode Dr. Fisher delves into the fascinating world of facial slimming with Botox for the masseter muscles. These powerful muscles are responsible for chewing and Dr. Fisher explores the differences between treating masseter muscles for temporomandibular joint pain relief and for achieving facial slimming. He takes a deep dive into the art of facial slimming, likening it to sculpting, and explains how strategically injecting Botox into the masseter muscles can lead to muscle relaxation and atrophy. This results in a softer, more V-shape face. Dr. Fisher discusses the customization of treatments, the procedure itself, and what listeners can expect in terms of recovery. The episode provides a comprehensive understanding of how neuromodulators like Botox can transform the jawline and facial contours for a more refined and slim appearance.

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Dr. Teri Fisher is an Aesthetic and Sport Medicine Physician, and a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia. He has been a podcast host for over 10 years and is particularly known for his approachable, thoughtful, and friendly manner. It is through his aesthetic medicine practise that Dr. Fisher combines his passions for art, science, and technology. For more information about Dr Fisher, please click here.

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