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Men’s Health Consultation

Typically men have a shorter life expectancy than women. So, why do men die younger and how can you try to reverse this trend for yourself? You are in control of your natural lifespan. You can improve the but you probably functionality and health for your mature years with careful planning. Curiously, married men live longer than single men. Perhaps they have healthier lifestyles and perhaps they just need someone to nudge them to go see a doctor. Hormone therapy may be a solution for you if you are tired, irritable, not sleeping well or experiencing midlife crisis.

Most people can benefit from a comprehensive, health evaluation to identify individual risk of aging concerns such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.  Andropause has many symptoms; mood swings, depression, irritability, memory loss, muscle loss, fatigue, weight gain gynecomastia and insomnia.  Your metabolism, affects your weight  and your mental health.  Hormonal attrition may also reduce your quality of life. Anti-Aging clinic offers proven and effective options to control symptoms and avoid diseases.

Anti-Aging Clinic offers you an  experienced physician who cares for your  health, will evaluate yours risks and customize an aging plan for you to enjoy living.  Sign up with us for a Preventative Medical Health visit and improve the quality of your life.

The benefits

Improve your quality of life –  medical evaluation

Sexual Health

  • Treat erectile dysfunction
  • Improve libido
  • Foster intimacy
  • Improve sexual wellness


  • Improve quality of life in your mature years
  • Address the risk of aging diseases
  • Improve hormone levels
  • Increase energy and sleep better
  • Assess and treat testosterone deficiency


  • Reduce risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and dementia
  • Identify and treat the effects of aging
  • Detect and treat diseases earlier

How it works

The procedure to set up a Men’s Health Consultation?

Your time is valuable and that is why we like to get a head start when it comes to your health. To initiate the process complete the men’s health online questionnaire. The questionnaire helps your doctor to  understand your medical history and determine if you are an appropriate candidate for the program.  

Once Dr. Frame, or your Anti-Aging physician has reviewed your information and approved your suitability, you will be contacted to book  the initial 1-hour consultation and make a prepayment of $1600  for your first 2 consultations. 

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The treatment experience

Your Men’s Health Consultation

Live. Better. 

Our Process

Your Guide to a Men's Health Consultation

Step 01

Before the Consultation

Before you start any treatment, we will create a personalized treatment plan to help improve your concerns.

Step 02

During the Consultation

Depending on your concerns and health condition, the during treatment process will vary on the type of treatment you undergo. Don’t worry, all of our treatments are non-surgical and have minimal downtime, and we always ensure our patients are comfortable during any procedure.

Step 03

After the Consultation

After your treatments, we will check in with you the following day and schedule a few checkins post your treatment. We do this to ensure you are doing well. Post treatment, we will also recommend the appropriate skincare needed to maintain your desired results, along with other recommended instructions to follow.



What is the cost?

The initial health assessment is 2 hours  for $1,600.  which is split into 2 sessions. One will be an introduction, basic assessment, family history evaluation with appropriate blood requisition provided. The second appointment involves a detailed discussion, complete exam and a medical plan is decided upon,  (taking into consideration your needs and blood test results).  Further investigations may require more consultations, referrals to specialists. A copy of the plan is sent to your GP, with your permission. Prescriptions are provided at this second appointment.   

Ongoing consultations are $800 per hour and can be scheduled as recommended by Dr. Frame.

New applicants are screened by Dr. Gidon Frame after filling out the Introduction Health Questionnaire. Once approved, applicants will receive an email, with next steps and an In-depth Health Questionnaire.

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