Skin Tag Removal Consultations

Skin tags affect 38% of the general population


Skin Tag Removal Consultations

Skin tags are small, harmless outgrowths of normal skin that are soft and skin-coloured. Their exact cause is unknown however, they generally grow in areas where the skin folds or is subject to continuous friction or irritation as in the neck and underarms. Skin tag removal is quick and comfortable.

Skin tags affect 38% of the general population and as many as 59% of adults by age 70. People who are diabetics, overweight, who have a family history of skin tags, as well as pregnant women, are more prone to developing skin tags.

The benefits

Improve Your Appearance with a Skin Tag Removal Consultation

For Aging

  • Improve your comfort and appearance

For Your Health

  • A professional evaluation is required to identify the tag, and reassure you that it is indeed just a tag. If further investigations are required, your doctor will attend to send in a sample to the lab or arrange a biopsy..


  • It reduces risk of irritation
  • Boost confidence in your appearances

How it works

How do Skin Tag Removal Consultations Work?

Book to see the physician. A physician evaluation takes a few minutes. Your tag(s) will be frozen and removed with cautery. Sometimes, if the tag is large a suture or two will be required. This is a simple procedure, and should heal quickly. 

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The treatment experience

Discreet Consultations

All of our consultations and treatments are confidential. Our consultations are always  personalized. In the long term, we will continue to be a resource for you to address your questions and concerns.  For scars and other blemishes a combination of treatments may be recommended. 

Our Process

Your Guide to Skin Tag Removal Consultations

Step 01

Before the Consultation

Book a consultation with a $125 deposit to secure your booking.

Step 02

During the Consultation

During the consultation we recommend electrocautery for the skin tag removal . This process is easy and comfortable. The areas to be treated are first injected with the anaesthetic, Xylocaine, or a numbing cream is applied and allowed to take effect for 10 - 20 minutes. The tag is burned at the root with several touches of the tip of the electrocautery handpiece. The tag itself will turn dry and black and may either be removed immediately or will fall off on its own within about a week.

Step 03

After the Second Consultation

If you have a medical procedure to remove a skin tag, our instructions may include keeping the wound clean for at least 48 hours, and then gently washing the area with soap and water. There may be a tiny mark/scar left where the skin tag was, particularly if the area has also darkened from the irritation caused by years of friction. You may look at other treatments for scar reduction. Your doctor may also schedule a follow-up appointment to check the wound and remove any stitches, if they were needed.


What is the Cost?

The initial health assessment is $1,600 which includes two 1-hour appointments spaced 2-3 months apart. 

Ongoing consultations are $800 per hour and can be scheduled as recommended by Dr. Frame.

New applicants are screened by Dr. Gidon Frame after filling out the Introduction Health Questionnaire. Once approved, applicants will receive an email from us with the next steps and the In-depth Health Questionnaire.

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