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All about women's health


All About Women’s Health

As women approach menopause, their metabolism changes profoundly.  Women’s health is far more complex than breast and cervical cancers. More women die of heart attack and stroke than from cancer. Women present with heart disease in a way that is very different from men. For these reasons and more, a women’s health consultation can be a preventative measure.

Many women don’t know how high their risk of heart attack and stroke really is. Sometimes, it takes a detailed personal evaluation including in-depth history, blood tests and cardiac CT to uncover the level of risk.  This will determine how aggressively to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar. Sexual functioning, urine incontinence improvement, and weight management are also addressed.

As women age, hormones decline. Unfortunately for many women, menopause transitions are traumatic. now you know there is help available. Sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone fluctuate wildly. Careful hormone therapy can improve quality of life as long as risks have been fully assessed. Our body’s own anabolic hormones- such as growth hormone and testosterone, decrease gradually and can be addressed with lifestyle modification, but medications may be required to resolve conditions that these do not address.

Come in for a private consultation with a physician who will carefully address your concerns and work with you to optimize your health status and quality of life.

Weight Management. Being overweight or obese is one of the biggest risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, and even certain kinds of cancer. (Weight management specifically can be addressed directly within the Weight Wellness Program.) The Preventive Program is a doctor-run program that includes mental health screenings, physical exams, genetic and family history assessments, medications and overall wellness examinations and planning.

The program is not a replacement for your family physician, but it is intended to inform and help your family physician with preventative and hormone management.


Starting From [$800] see pricing details

Recommended number of sessions 2 Initial exams spaced within 3 months of each other Followed by an appointment every 3-12 months, depending on your medical concerns. Annual consultations are recommended for maintenance.

Treatment duration [60 minutes]

Required Maintenance [Once a year]

The benefits

Improve Your Quality of Life with a Women’s Health Consultation


  • Improve quality of life
  • Manage weight
  • Improve sexual, physical and mental health


  • Detect hidden or early heart disease, stroke, diabetes risk
  • Assess and manage risk of breast cancer
  • Improve bone, skin and muscle health


  • Avoid hot flashes
  • Improve sleep, anxiety and “brain fog”
  • Reduce urinary incontinence and vaginal changes
  • Assess safety for hormone therapy

How it works

How does a Women’s Health Consultation Work?

To get started you will need to complete our women’s health online questionnaire. The questionnaire helps your doctor to understand your medical history to determine a personalized treatment plan that works for you.

Once Dr. Frame has reviewed your information and approved your suitability, the clinic staff will instruct you on how you can set up the initial two consultations. You will also be required to make a prepayment of $1600 for your first 2 hours of assessments.

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The treatment experience

Personalized Medical Consultations

All of our consultations and treatments are confidential. That said, after you have completed the online women’s health questionnaire, you will be booked in for a discreet consultation.

Women’s health treatments are personalized with a custom plan designed in the process of in-depth investigations, evaluations  and medically sound advice prescribed in consultation with you and your doctor. Prescriptions, referrals and further testing, or treatment,  can be the outcome of the consultation. This plan can also be continued  with your family physician, who (at your discretion)can be provided with a detailed report of the finding and advice provided.

You will spend quality time with a physician that cares about your health and your goals. Living a quality life means taking prevention seriously. Having a detailed consultation that provides you with a real understanding of what your test results include, including an explanation of what they  mean to you, practically speaking. You will come out with a personalized guide to living healthy for a quality of life into your mature and aged years.

Our Process

Your Guide to a Women's Health Consultation

Step 01

Before the Consultation

Before you start any treatment, your doctor will create a personalized treatment plan to help improve your concerns and achieve your desired results.

Step 02

During the Consultation

The treatment process will be based on your indicators of concern such as family history, genetics, medical history, weight management, risk factors including cardiac, and cancer risks. Discussions will include sexual wellness, and weight management. You will be given real doctor patient consultation time for you to voice your grievances and medical concerns. You will be provided with a comprehensive list of relevant investigations for you to proceed with, these may include urine, blood or saliva tests. You may be provided with a referral to a specialist, or helped to navigate the medical system. Once you have completed all of the tasks and results are in, you will attend your second consultation.

Step 03

After the Second Consultation

Returning to the clinic in person for this essential consultation, as it involves an evaluation and explanation of your test results and a complete physical exam (with chaperone). At this time a comprehensive plan is created, and you have taken control of your health destiny. This may not be the final consultation, but you will be well informed of your state of being and have some options to proceed with. Taking charge of your body and wellbeing is the vital ingredient to taking control of your aging process.


What is the Cost?

The initial health assessment is $1,600 which includes two 1-hour appointments spaced 2-3 months apart. 

Ongoing consultations are $800 per hour and can be scheduled as recommended by Dr. Frame.

New applicants are screened by Dr. Gidon Frame after filling out the Introduction Health Questionnaire. Once approved, applicants will receive an email from us with the next steps and the In-depth Health Questionnaire.

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