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Sexual Health Services

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A fulfilling sexual life is vital for your overall physical and mental well-being, regardless of age or gender. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to seek treatment for easily correctable and commonly occurring sexual health issues, which can have lasting effects on their overall quality of life.

The Anti-Aging Medical & Laser Clinic offers a range of treatments focused on sexual health, provided in collaboration with medical specialists who may refer their patients. Our most popular treatments include Alma Duo™, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the needs of both genders. For women, we provide diVa™, a revolutionary treatment for Vaginal Tightening and Incontinence. For those seeking effective remedies for Erectile Dysfunction, we offer P-shots. Moreover, our clinic specializes in utilizing Botox and fillers to enhance penile aesthetics, ensuring our clients achieve their desired results.

In addition to these sexual health treatments, our clinic also offers various post-pregnancy treatments, including:

Skin Tightening: Non-invasive procedures that help tighten loose skin after pregnancy, improving overall skin tone and firmness.

Stretch Mark Repair: Treatments aimed at reducing the appearance of stretch marks caused by pregnancy.

Pregnancy Mask BBL (Broadband Light): This procedure uses light therapy to address hyperpigmentation or discoloration known as the pregnancy mask or melasma, which can occur during pregnancy.

It’s important to note that specific details and suitability of these treatments may vary depending on individual circumstances. It is recommended to consult with a medical specialist at our clinic for a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan.


Alma Duo™

AlmaDuo is a treatment option for both men and women. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses laser technology to improve sexual function. For men with ED, AlmaDuo can help improve blood flow to the penis, aiding in achieving and maintaining erections. For women, it can enhance sensitivity and promote orgasmic response.

Alma Duo™ for Men

Alma Duo™ for Women

diVa™ for Vaginal Tightening and Incontinence

DiVa™ is an advanced procedure that uses laser technology to address concerns related to vaginal laxity and urinary incontinence. It works by stimulating collagen production, which helps tighten the vaginal walls and improve bladder control.

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P-Shots for Erectile Dysfunction

The P-shot (Priapus shot) involves using a patient’s own blood plasma, which is rich in growth factors, to stimulate tissue regeneration and improve blood flow. This therapy can be used as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction.

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Botox for Erectile Dysfunction

Botox, a well-known injectable treatment, can be used to address erectile dysfunction. By injecting Botox into specific muscles, it can help improve blood flow to the penis, aiding in achieving and maintaining erections.

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Fillers for Penile Enhancement

Fillers, typically composed of hyaluronic acid, can be used for penile enhancement. The fillers are injected into specific areas of the penis to provide volume and enhance its appearance.

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Pink Intimate System

Pink Intimate is a treatment designed to lighten and brighten the skin in intimate areas. It can be used to address concerns about uneven pigmentation, dark spots, or discoloration in sensitive areas.

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The Orgasm Shot® (O-Shot®)

Experience the multitude of benefits offered by the O-Shot, specifically designed for women. This treatment enhances sexual health, promotes increased vaginal lubrication, and effectively addresses urinary incontinence.

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Popular Treatments to Improve Sexual Health

Alma Duo™

Alma Duo™


The Alma Duo is a Health Canada approved and scientifically validated treatment that sends energy deep into the tissue of the penis to rebuild blood vessels and resolve erectile dysfunction. This 15-minute treatment uses low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT) at five points on the penis, triggering a natural immune response from your body. This response increases the number and strength of blood vessels in the area, promoting blood flow to the penis and improving circulatory conditions for erectile dysfunction.




The diVa is a quick procedure (3–5 minutes) that improves gynecological and genitourinary health. It uses a disposable quartz dilator, which emits a precision laser beam using a hybrid fractional laser. This comfortably and accurately delivers two laser wavelengths simultaneously, improving the quality of vaginal tissue and subsequently, quality of life.

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement


The use of Botox and fillers has expanded beyond their cosmetic applications, demonstrating promising results in the treatment of both erectile dysfunction (ED) and urinary incontinence. With their ability to target specific muscle groups and modulate physiological responses, these minimally invasive procedures offer new hope to patients seeking relief from these distressing conditions.

All Treatments for Sexual Health

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