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Lose and Maintain Healthy Weight

Medically assisted weight management program that is tailored to you. Don’t let your weight old you back any longer.


We are Vancouver’s best known Medical and Weight Management Clinic for a reason. With 20+ years in business, we’ve helped countless people achieve their healthy weight and stay that way.

This program is designed to help you reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy, new habits and breaking unhealthy old ones. The goal is to make simple, pleasurable changes that will result in a healthy weight that you can maintain for the rest of your life. 

If you want a weight management intervention that has been developed by medical professionals, is evidence-based and guides you with the safest medications, our program is for you.

  • Participate in a medical doctor health assessment with bloodwork and possible prescription medications for satiety, hunger, and health management.
  • Multiple doctor check-ins, virtual and in-person.
  • Nurse support on a weekly basis
  • Work with a weight and body composition scale that is monitored and supported by your nurse to improve accountability.
  • Be inspired by a personal Pilates coach, either with online movement classes or enjoy one on one at-home classes*.
  • Sleep hygiene advice and referral for sleep apnea testing*.
  • Referral to a one-on-one registered dietitian*.
  • Enjoy developing strategies to drop unhealthy lifestyle habits and gain healthy ones.
  • Change your lifestyle to improve your health and wellness, reducing your risk of chronic disease.
  • This is a lifestyle program for long-term changes that will motivate you to eat better, sleep well and move more.

*Extra charges may apply that may be covered by private insurers, or be tax-deductible.


Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

This program is for people with weight management concerns that affect physical and mental health. We follow a  “healthy at any weight” approach, avoiding fat-shaming, and weight bias.

Nurse Support

Our nurse offers emotional support and enables your personal accountability.

This relationship helps you transition into modifying  lifestyle and developing  new healthy habits as you transform your body and wellbeing. Identify emotional triggers and barriers to help you succeed. For the first month, as you enter the journey of this newly supported lifestyle modification, you will receive weekly check-ins. Or every two weeks, if desired. This emotional support helps overcome barriers and replenishes your motivation. 

During your clinic visits your blood pressure and you will redeem the benefit of decreased general health risks. The long term goal being to amend not only your weight, but reduce the risk of your comorbid illnesses.

Daily Virtual Weigh-Ins

Your nurse will assist you to monitor your weight daily with a scale that we provide. With your permission, the weight is simultaneously visible to us. This helps build accountability.  

Increased Movement & Mobility

You will be encouraged to increase movement, using the tools you already have and within your current daily routine  We have prepared our own online YouTube videos, to help you initiate your journey into increasing activity levels. If you live in Metro Vancouver you may access our personal at-home Pilates classes.*

Nutrition program with the Eatlove App

Your doctor prescribes a plan and approach to eating that is individually tailored to suit your taste, cooking preferences and family or household eating style. Customized based on your specific dietary restrictions and tastes. It tracks your nutritional information, whilst you add recipes or make your own. Portion control optimizes use of leftovers, and avoids food waste. This app is your personal nutritionist, totally under your control, but if you require or desire a personal dietician, this will be arranged for you.*

Private Pay Membership Program

This is a private pay service that augments, but in no way replaces or undermines, the important role of your primary care physician or service. This is a membership package designed for people with mild to moderate weight gain. You receive access to medical advice, periodic investigations, medication prescription, and progress updates for your family physician. You also benefit from nurse support, and access to certain programs that will help with the process of wellness and healthy weight management.

Who will Benefit From This Program

If you have extra weight that you have found difficult to keep off, then you may benefit from this supported weight loss program. If you carry extra weight and have diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke or degenerative arthritis of hips and knees, sleep apnea, depression or fatty liver disease, then you will probably see significant improvement in your longevity, self-esteem and general health. You can avoid weight rebounding with sustained weight loss.


The Medical Consultation

Your doctor will help identify causes and effects of excess weight, including so-called “obesogenic drugs” you may be taking. With the results of some blood tests, an evaluation for causes and effects After checking investigations and considering comorbidities (associated illnesses) your doctor may prescribe medications to help you on your journey.

Modern medicine identifies brain pathways controlling  hunger and satiety that vary from person to person. Some people are hungry more often and never seem to become full (satiated). Certain prescription medications can reduce food cravings and modify hunger and satiety. Some reduce addictive eating styles, improve mood, while others improve insulin resistance. You will receive a sleep assessment as this is an important factor for your healthy lifestyle. A detailed consultation takes into account your genetics, family history, and the important but limited contribution of lifestyle, nutrition and activity factors. Choice of medication is determined by considering comorbidities and personal preferences. 

You will develop new lifestyle habits with a deeper level of personal accountability as you stand on a monitored scale, daily for weight tracking. Your medications will be titrated until you are satisfied with your personal levels of hunger and satiety.  You will see the doctor for another detailed evaluation at 2 months into your program, unless concerns arise earlier. Continuous medical reevaluation and supervision is vital for your success.

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What is the cost of the Weight Management Program?

  • Initial 3 months $3200
  • All following 3 months $2600
  • 6 month program – $5000
  • 12 months –  $9500 (Pay for the first 3 months – then the remaining will be split as monthly charges)
  • If you are a Coolsculpting or Emsculpt patient try the app for free for the first week

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