Age/Sun Spots

Age/sun spots

Age/Sun Spots

What are age/sun spots?

Sun UV damage that appears as age/sun spots is particularly visible on the chest/décolleté area. We often protect our faces with sunscreen and hats but forget to cover or apply sunscreen to the chest area. Long standing sun damage will create areas of pigment drop out or white spots (hypo-pigmentation) as well as dark brown spots, also known as or photo aging (hyper-pigmentation). you may find that these spots fade during the winter months when you are not exposing the area to the sun, only to return again the next summer.

This type of sun damage is usually accompanied with pre-mature skin wrinkling in the cleavage. All of the suggested treatments will improve the skin tone and texture as well as lighten the age/sun spots.

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)
Age and Sun Spots - Before and After
(Before and after photos  Dr. Gidon Frame)

What can be done?


  • Although not aesthetically pleasing, (leaves white scars) having your doctor treat some larger spots with liquid nitrogen (Cryotherapy) is also an option.


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