Asian Face Shaping & Rejuvenation

asian face shaping & rejuvenation

Asian Face Shaping & Rejuvenation

You don’t need to undergo surgery to come closer to the facial shape and contours that you find appealing. Our laser and skin clinic provides many non-invasive cosmetic treatments to clients in Vancouver, BC. Whether you want your face shape to more closely resemble the traits considered attractive by people of your ethnicity or culture, or would like to reshape parts of your face and body without the risks associated with surgery, we can help.

Asian Face Shape

Asian Face Shape

In a general sense, Asians, like all races of people, are born with distinctive facial characteristics. Compared to Caucasians, the Asian face is often wide, sometimes appearing round, and when viewed from the profile, appears flatter.

Over the years, what is thought of as ideal Asian facial proportions has changed. Currently, the trend is toward narrowing the lower half of the face; creating a more V-line jaw and a narrower, more pointed chin (resulting in a heart-shaped face); building up the nose bridge and nose tip; and, balancing the thickness of the lips – often a thinner top lip with a well-defined cupid’s bow (the M-Shape at the center of the top lip).

Ideal Asian face shape without surgery

Our Vancouver laser and medispa provides a number of treatments that can help bring you closer to that heart-shaped or V-line facial shape you desire.

Dramatic results can be achieved without surgery. Facial fillers like Belotero,® Juvederm ®, Restylane ® and Perlane ® can be used to augment the nose tip and nose bridge, and neuromodulators can relax the jaw muscles, effectively narrowing its contours.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face, narrow jawline and more pointed chin create a heart-shaped facial contour when viewed from the front. Currently, this facial contour is desired by many Asians, some of whom are born with wide, square jawlines and round faces.

In recent years, jaw reduction surgery in Vancouver is on the rise amongst Asians wishing to attain the heart-shaped face and V-line jaw and chin.

For the many who’d rather not undergo V-line surgery, there are non-surgical Asian facial contouring treatments that can achieve dramatic results without the risks and downtime associated with surgery.

The V-line or V-shaped chin and jawline

Jaw reduction surgery has become one of the most requested facial contouring procedures amongst Asians in recent years.  With a narrower jawline and more pointed chin, the face looks more heart-shaped. Though the heart shape can be achieved with jaw reduction, surgery does have its risks. Surgery is also permanent: if you aren’t satisfied with resulting face shape it’s not so easily changed. In addition to risks is the pain and downtime of surgical recovery.

Achieving the heart-shaped face without surgery

The heart-shaped face, narrow jawline and more pointed chin can be achieved without surgery. Though results may not be as drastic as surgery, fillers and neuromodulators can dramatically alter the contours, resulting in a facial shape that is closer to the ideal. Neuromodulators relax the jaw muscles that make some Asian jaws to appear square and broad and dermal fillers can be used to build up the nose tip and bridge.

These non-invasive Asian facial contouring treatments are quick (often taking less than 30 minutes), quite painless and require no downtime. Results may last for up to 1 year, and best of all, if you don’t like your new look, it’s not permanent.

For more information about non-invasive treatments that can achieve a heart-shaped, V-line face, contact our clinic.

Asian Nose Shaping

Asian Nose Shaping

The flat Asian nose shape is a result of a low nose bridge and a wide base. While standards of beauty change, the current ideal for some Asian women and men is to achieve a slightly more westernized appearance. The boom in cosmetic surgery for Asian people, both men and women, is a testament to the influence that cultural shifts in the perception of beauty can have.

If you are Asian and have considered cosmetic surgery for your nose, but you are concerned about the risks and permanence, you may want to consider a non-surgical, non-permanent, quick and relatively painless alternative to Asian rhinoplasty (nose shaping) that can be achieved with facial fillers.

Contact our Vancouver skin and laser centre for more information of non-surgical nose reshaping.

Asian nose bridge augmentation

The bridge of the typical Asian nose is located further down and is often less pronounced, making it difficult to wear glasses and also making the nose appear flatter when viewed from the side. From the front, the flattened, low bridge accentuates – by contrast – the broadness of the base of the nose, making it appear more noticeable.

Asian nose tip augmentation

Some Asians desire a nose tip that is narrower and has more projection – the so-called “button nose”. With surgery, this is usually achieved with an implant of one’s own cartilage. The cartilage itself is shaped to form the tip. Though Asian nose tip augmentation surgery may be less invasive than other types of plastic surgery, it still comes with risks, downtime and results are permanent (unless you have subsequent surgeries). If you don’t like the result or want to remove it, more surgery is required.

Non-surgical nose tip and nose bridge augmentation

Precise injections of thicker dermal fillers such as Restylane ®, Perlane ®, and Juvederm ® provide a long-lasting, non-invasive, impermanent alternative to nose bridge and nose-tip implants with many of the same benefits. Filler injections are quick (often taking under 30 minutes), quite painless, and require no after-treatment downtime. Results of some fillers may last for up to 1 year.

Studies have shown that dermal fillers, such as Restylane, provide long-lasting, superior results compared to collagen injections.

Asian Hyperpigmentation

Asian Hyperpigmentation

Asian people are prone to many conditions that darken skin tone in patches or spots – a condition known as hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation includes melasma, freckles, sun spots or age spots, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by skin injury or conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. While staying out of direct sunlight and using a high SPF sunblock may help, because Asian skin has more melanin than Caucasian skin, hyperpigmentation is nearly a fact of life for many Asians and may become more noticeable with age.

To book a consultation, or for more information about hyperpigmentation treatments, contact our Vancouver skin and laser centre.

Asian hyperpigmentation treatments

Our Vancouver, BC clinic offers several effective treatments for improving pigmentation conditions, including:

  • IPL (intense pulsed light) – sometimes referred to as IPL photo facial.
  • Fraxel ® Laser – an effective treatment for melasma and deeper pigmentation issues, acne scarring, fine lines and pore reduction
  • Skin lightening products containing hydroquinone (requires a prescription by a doctor).

Other conditions that affect Asians

While hyperpigmentation is one concern for Asians, many desire to change characteristic facial contours including, the jawline, chin and nose.


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