Bingo Arms

Bingo Arms

Bingo Arms

What are bingo arms?

As we age, the supporting tissue between the skin under your arm flap becomes loose. This allows the skin fold to separate from the muscle and hang down like a creased cloth. As you shake your arm in the air the flap under your arm waggles.This shaking of the arm is known as bingo arms because raising the arm in the air and shaking is a ritual traditionally performed when you win a round of bingo.

The loose skin fold is also known as a triceps fold. To no avail, many people try to exercise their triceps muscles, enlarging this muscle to take up the slack. Unfortunately the skin loses elasticity, separates from the muscle, and inevitably hangs loose.

What can be done?

  • Avoid rapid weight loss or “yo-yo” diets as this leads to shrinkage of triceps fat and loosening of triceps skin fold.
  • CoolSculpting Fat Freezing although not indicated as a skin tightening device, can reduce the unwanted fat under the arms and often tightens the area as well.
  • Thermage CPT Radiofrequency Device reduces collagen shortening and creates skin tightening.
  • Venus Viva + Diamond Polar. The Venus Viva is a no-downtime ablative treatment that can improve the texture of the skin and combined with a series of radio-frequency-based Diamond Polar treatments can improve the appearance of bingo arms.
  • Arm lift surgery is not traditionally an option but could be useful in extreme cases. The scarring for darker skinned people can be a deterrent for this procedure.

bingo arms

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