Brow Droop-Non-Surgical Eye Brow Lifting

Brow Droop

Brow Droop-Non-Surgical Eye Brow Lifting

What is brow droop?

It is common for our brow area to appear to get heavier as we age, giving us brow droop. There are surgical and non-surgical solutions available for you to consider. If the droop is not yet too severe, neuromodulators are one of the quickest and most effective solutions. There are muscles in our brow and forehead that function in opposition. Some pull the brow up and others pull it down allowing you to make facial expressions.

Am I a good candidate?

There is such a thing as being beyond neuromodulators. Meaning, if the brow is extremely heavy and the skin around the eyes has sagged to a point of restricting vision, usually the neuromodulator brow lift will not produce enough results. If the brow has drooped beyond the point of injectable or energy device enhancements, talk to Dr. Frame about recommending a trusted plastic surgeon for a facelift or endoscopic brow lift.

What can be done?

Small amounts of the muscle relaxing, injectable neuromodulators, strategically placed, can actually lift the brow and eye area. BNon-surgical eyebrow lifting involves injecting botulinum toxin into the corrugator, procerus and orbicularis oculi muscles that pull the eyebrow down. This relaxes those muscles allowing the frontalis or brow muscles to lift the eyebrows up.


  • Injecting small amounts of fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm underneath the eyebrows can also lift the eye area and bring back subtle lost volume in that area.

 brow lift with dermal filler

  • The new Thermage CPT can also create a subtle lift to the brow area. The results take 4-6 months and can last for years.
Thermage for brow droop

Thermage skin tightening and lifting for eyes & brow.

(Results vary by individual patient and  results cannot be guaranteed)

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