Bunny Nose Lines

Bunny nose lines

Bunny Nose Lines

What are bunny nose lines?

Scrunching up one’s nose mimics the action of a rabbit thus, the horizontal nose lines are known as “bunny nose lines.” These lines can be considered cute until they start to be visible when the face is at rest.

Most people don’t notice these lines as they appear when they are talking or smiling. Bunny nose lines can be a vital part of an expressive face, so softening them, not relaxing them completely, is our goal.

The muscles that create the pulling of these lines, can also pull down the brow and worsen under eye wrinkles. By strategically placing a neuromodulator, these muscles relax for 3 months and disable the bunny nose lines from forming with expressions.bunny nose lines

This is becoming a very popular area for patients who have previously only treated frown lines and crow’s feet.

What can be done?

  • Neuromodulators low dose injections into the nasalis muscle can relax these lines.
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