Fat Around Knees

fat around knees

Fat Around Knees

What is fat around knees?

Hormonal changes can be linked to excess fat around knees. Especially changes during Menopause or pregnancy. As we age, the body tends to hold fat in areas such as the thighs and knees. It can also be hereditary, your body may be programmed to store extra fat in these areas.

There are a large number of insulin receptors in this area which equals more fat deposits in the knees and thighs.

The excessive fat around knees is particularly difficult to reduce.  Often, this is one of the last areas of fat to dissipate with extreme dieting.  Most people are not prepared to reduce caloric intake sufficiently to a starvation level for such a prolonged period to reduce this fat, and the fat in this area might still remain even if they do.

Performing cardiovascular exercise to burn fat around your legs and targeting the muscles near your knees may help. Exercise such as running, indoor cycling, stair climbing, rowing and brisk walking can all make a difference.

In the past, some of the only effective ways to target unwanted fat was through surgical CoolSculpting that can reduce this fat without the excessive diet, exercise or surgery.

Within one to three treatments, lasting about 35 minutes each, the fat around the knees can be safely and comfortably frozen and the fat cells, eliminated. At Anti-Aging, we offer two CoolSculpting machines so when it is possible, both knees can be treated at the same time, halving your treatment time.

fat around knees coolsculpting

What can be done?

  • Diet
  • Liposuction Surgery

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