Fine Lines

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Fine Lines

What are fine lines?

Aging of the face produces slow, relentless, fine lines. Smoking and sun exposure accelerate this process. Genetics and family history play a large role too. The best treatment is always prevention.

While we cannot actually extend the lifespan of human beings yet, Anti-Aging Medicine is a discipline dedicated to managing the aging process, so-called “Age Management.” Any intervention that reduces production of “toxic” substances like free radicals, will slow the breakdown of skin integrity and elasticity.

fine linesfine lines

What can be done?

Fine lines can be best reduced with a combination of laser treatments and neuromodulators. Dermal fillers are used where they will give the best results such as around the mouth and in the glabella (frown) area.

Soft fillers such as Belotero and Restylane  can soften lines for 6-12 months.

INFINI RF Microneedling is a little to no downtime, the nearly painless procedure that can greatly improve wrinkling, scars, and skin laxity.

  • Fraxel Dual 1550 provides fractionated laser resurfacing to slowly turn over new skin and produce a smoother effect.

fine lines

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