Hairy Legs

Hairy legs

Hairy Legs

What are hairy legs?

Unwanted hair on the upper and lower legs can make for tedious and continuous hair removal methods, and when you forget, hairy legs can be a source of embarrassment or even missing a social event. Temporary hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, threading or depilatory creams and devices can cause rashes, bumping and ingrown hairs. These side effects often subside just in time for the hair to be removed again.

hairy legs

What can be done?

When looking for a long term reduction in hair growth, laser hair removal is your best choice. The Syneron e-Laser is our choice as it combines laser and radio frequency energies to effectively and gently remove hair of many colours and types from all skin tones.

 6 – 10 treatments spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart will reduce between 80% and 90% of your unwanted hair. At the Anti-Aging Medical and Laser Clinic, we offer a specially compounded aesthetic cream for purchase, and a cold air zimmer (blower) to ensure maximum comfort during your treatments.

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