Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines

Marionette Lines

What are marionette lines?

The lines from the corner of the mouth down to the jaw line are known as the marionette lines. This is because a marionette, or puppet, has an articulating jaw that moves down, producing marionette lines. They are caused by a loss of fat and tissue and made worse by aging, weight loss, thinning skin and sun damage. Vertical facial lines tend to be the most aging and these lines also make the mouth appear down-turned at the corners which can create a look of being sad or grumpy.

Marionette lines beforeMarionette lines after

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What can be done?

Depending on the facial structure of the patient, it is sometimes recommended that we add dermal fillers to the hairline creating an uplift effect as well as filling under the marionette area. The corners of the mouth are also supported with a small amount of filler, straightening the line of the mouth.

The Uplift injection sites to help soften marionette lines:

marionette lines

If the skin has thinned significantly, a skin-tightening Thermage treatment or a Fraxel Laser series is an excellent way to improve the texture and thickness of the skin and increase the longevity of your results.

  • Cheek enhancement can raise cheeks and help the appearance of these lines.


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