Neck Cords

neck cords

Neck Cords

What are neck cords?

Neck cords are the vertical neck muscles, known as platysma, are mainly prominent when clenching the teeth, clenching neck muscles, and pulling the jowls downwards. They have a stringy or rope-like appearance. As we age, the muscle loosens allowing the front edge of the muscle on either side to start hanging down creating neck bands.

When they become visible even when not clenching, some people feel it makes them appear older. In the past, the only solution to softening and retracting these muscles was through surgery.

Now we have an simple, quick, safe and painless way with neuromodulators. Injecting into these neck bands can relax the bands enough that they will relax and lie down, rather than protrude outward.

What can be done?

  •  a Nefertiti lift is usually performed at the same time, injecting along the jawline to slim the face and bring back definition.
  • Neck lift with Platysmapasty (tightening of the neck muscles through an incision under the chin)
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